Zen out with these adorable animal photos


Amber McLinden, ZenSeekers

From dog-friendly hikes, to a surprise encounter with wildlife in the mountains, to getting up close to a prairie staple, we're getting our fill of cute-meets-Zen in western Canada.

Blogger Linda Hoang shared a photo with this adorable horse in Flagstaff County for her last story on ZenSeekers. Now is definitely the time to learn how to ride if you've ever wanted to try! 

Two dogs relax while camping and look to the side where their attention is

Photo by Amanda McNally.

Check out these curious pups surveying the land while camping! There's nothing like spending a night or two in the great outdoors with your adventure buddy. 

A rabbit looks away from the camera behind some trees

Photo by Megan Buers (@bigbirdmegan on Instagram). 

If you're a resident of BC or Alberta, you're very familiar with our rabbit friends. This one seems to be taking refuge among the branches.

A dog in a canoe looks at the camera on a beach in British Columbia

Photo by @hikingtheokanagan on Instagram (and her dog Henry).

We LOVE Henry! Seriously, dogs make the best adventure buddies. And this one seems to make a great #TakeItToTheLake companion too.

Learn how you can #TakeItToTheLake this summer.

Two bear cubs walking toward a camera in Banff Alberta

Photo by Simone Heinrich (@simoneheinrichphotography on Instagram). 

While these bear cubs are ADORABLE, Travel Alberta leaves us with a good reminder. To enjoy our beautiful outdoors responsibly, make sure to leave wildlife alone and stay as far away as you can. 

An adorable dog sits on a beach in Tofino British Columbia

Photo by Jaiden George.

This adorable dog was a model for some cute shots in Tofino, where we recently visited to share a story on the best ways to relax in the area, as well as information about Tin Wis Resort. 

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We loved learning about the farm and all the cute animals in it from Chatsworth Farm as part of #VermilionOnline. 

Read on: Head to the #VermilionOnline Festival to connect with people and the town’s businesses

A dog in a snowy landscape perks up his ears to look at something away from camera in Alberta

Photo by Amber McLinden

This snowy, adorable dog was featured in a story on ZenSeekers about adopting during a pandemic!

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Are you finding Zen with wildlife or furry friends in your western Canada adventures? 

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