Did you know you can camp on an island in Alberta or head out on the water and feel the fight of a trophy-sized fish?
This summer, you are invited to experience the beauty of the boreal and the crystal clear lakes of northeast Alberta. All destinations are a beautiful and scenic drive, 2 to 4 hours from Edmonton.
ZenSeekers has partnered with the MD of Bonnyville, Lac La Biche region, Travel Alberta, Alberta Parks and experienced local operators who are waiting to take you on adventures and expeditions - Canoe routes, hot spot fishing holes, the adrenaline of the flyboard, and the spray from a Sea-Doo!
#TakeitToTheLake will inspire you to get out and explore the communities of Bonnyville, Lac La Biche, Cold Lake and everywhere in between!
We invite you to share any of our stories below. Explore what’s possible via ZenSeekers videos and then you can make the call to #TakeItToTheLake this summer.
Click here to connect with the Lac La Biche tourism page http://laclabicheregion.com/tourism/
Or the folks at the MD Of Bonnyville https://md.bonnyville.ab.ca/9/Visiting
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“I think we can get a bit closer,” Jamie says, and we paddle as silently as we can towards a huge American pelican. Soon, we are just metres away from the giant bird, and he looks at us curiously wondering what we’re up to.

As we cross the causeway to Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park’s Big Island, we stop to admire the view. Sunshine glints off the water and fishing boats, while cyclists cross the causeway. On the island road, the truck in front of us pulls over and waves us on.

The pike’s tail thrashes, splashing the sides of the boat. It’s a strong 10-pounder and it’s putting up a fight. This is the eighth fish on our lines in less than an hour but it’s my first. Not just my first today; it’s my first ever.

#TakeItToTheLake My heart thumps rapidly as I start the Sea-Doo’s ignition. It’s my first time jet skiing and I’m excited, but a little nervous. After the safety talk, I wonder if I should be wearing a wetsuit, or if I’m going to fall off, then relax as I look around the lake. The sun is shining, the lake is placid, and the water is warm. We couldn’t ask for a better day to go jet skiing.

Tendrils of smoke curl from the kindling I’ve just set alight. Soon, the slow burning embers ignite and tiny dragon tongues lick the sky. Shawn Perry sets a pot over the fire, preparing to make tea from the leaves we’ve just harvested.

Flying high over the waves, Nathalie Senez takes a plunging dive. Momentarily, she pops up again. Mere seconds later she’s back in the air. Senez is a talented athlete, no doubt, but she’s no superhero - she’s a flyboarder.

Brian Hamilton, our captain, tells the tale of the Kinosoo, or “big fish” for which Cold Lake is named. Legend has it that a giant fish bit a Dene warrior’s canoe in two as he paddled across French Bay to see his beloved.

Frogs hop under fern leaves as trembling aspen whisper above. Sun filters through the high forest canopy as the breeze stirs the treetops, sight and sound combined bringing to mind a sense of shimmering.

The safest water adventures are the smartest ones. When you plan to head out, Canada’s authority on playing it right, AdventureSmart reminds you to follow the 3 Ts of safety for any paddling getaway this summer