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Prehistoric history awaits with these 6 dinosaur experiences in Alberta and BC


Explore the prehistoric experiences that Western Canada has to offer from dinosaur footprints to...

Gull Lake Alberta reaching hand Jeremy Derksen ZenSeekers

Find your community outdoors with the Seekers ambassador crew


In May 2023, the U.S. Surgeon General declared loneliness a health epidemic, equivalent to smoking...

Forget what you thought you knew about bear hibernation


Do bears truly hibernate? And is it true their winter behaviour could inspire medical breakthroughs...

Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park fall hiking Chris Istace ZenSeekers

Six scenic fall hiking trails to hit in Alberta, BC


Whether you’re hiking in the mountains, traversing larch ridges or walking through the forests near...

Upper Kananaskis Lake

Yo Alberta, SUP: how and where to paddleboard in Alberta


Seekers Ambassador Tyler Dixon helps you to grasp paddleboarding basics and gives tips on how and...

Cougar in forest

Staying safe in cougar territory


Do you know how to avoid encountering a cougar on the trail, or what to do if you do have an...

Sheep or goat, goat or sheep: tell the difference


You've probably seen them as you drive through the national parks in Alberta or BC: those furry...

Wolf by Milo Weiler

Wolf or coyote: what’s the difference?


Many a rancher will be able to tell you whether you've got a wolf or a coyote at a second's glance...

Cold Lake kayak tip Jeremy Derksen Zenseekers

Where's the heat dome? Get a grip on 2022's "weird" summer weather


Snow in July, Arctic heat domes, there's been a lot of head scratching in Western Canada. Here's...

Pitt Lake BC paddlers photo Stevie Gaultier

These #SeekersAmbassador posts prove adventures are better shared


There’s something extra special about summer 2022. After two years of limited contact, we all have a...

Bike Hinton #ExploreNWAB

Save on DH riding with bike park season passes, multi-day tix


How can you get the most mountain biking out of your season? There’s only so much time in a season...

Biking in a skills park in Hinton Alberta

Alberta and BC bike park opening dates 2023


Here's your bike park opening dates and a primer on the big parks across Western Canada to get you...

70 songs to add to your Road Trip Adventure Playlist


There’s nothing like music to put you in the Zen zone as you cruise through Western Canada, through...

Hot summer 2022 forecast will have you seeking places to cool off in Alberta, BC


Pack your swim trunks, paddleboard and your water bottle when you hit the road this summer - it’s...

A fox (left) buck (middle) and a bear (right)

Babes in the wild: wildlife photography and safety tips in Alberta


For photographers like Paul Lavoie, spring is wildlife photography season. But he didn’t expect to...

Grande Prairie County Alberta Evergreen hiking 2 women Jeremy Derksen ZenSeekers

Follow the #SeekersAmbassador Crew for max Zen this summer


A true Zen Seeker is always chasing what they love and living their life to the fullest. We asked...

Bike trails near Northern Vancouver

Get ready to bike, but be kind to trails


Bike season is nearly here! Read up on trail maintenance, local bike association membership benefits...

Abbot Pass Hut Alberta Rockies hiking Stevie Gaultier turn FOMO to YOLO adventure

I love FOMO: an adventure seeker's confession


A hike to Abbot Pass Hut inspired ZenSeekers' Stevie Gaultier to turn FOMO into YOLO adventures...