8 inspiring people to follow on social media in Western Canada


Amber McLinden, ZenSeekers

Let's infuse some positivity in your social media feed. When you follow inspiring and zen-inspired creators on social media, you can turn platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter into something well worth the thumb scroll.

Check out some the cool people we've worked with who are inspiring audiences to find their Zen in Alberta and British Columbia. Then, let us know who you would add to this list. We'd love to check them out!

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Rebecca Bollwitt
@miss604, based in British Columbia


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Rebecca Bollwitt, aka @Miss604 on social media, is an award-winning blogger and book writer based in BC who shares her travels and adventures with a focus on amazing experiences and activities for Vancouverites and beyond.

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Linda Hoang
@lindork, based in Alberta


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Edmonton-based social media strategist and travel, lifestyle, and food blogger (and founder of YEG Cat Fest). Linda Hoang will inspire you to find local eats and support local businesses on her platforms. 

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Jeremy "JJ" Allen
@thefulltimehobby, based in British Columbia 


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Jeremy is an adventure photographer, videographer, and writer based in Squamish whose photos will blow you away! You can read more from him on his website. 

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Karen Ung
@playoutsidegal, based in Alberta


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Sharing hiking adventures with her kids, Karen's Calgary-based zen will inspire you to get outside to a mountain near you. Follow this adventure and travel blogger, and CBC summer radio columnist on all platforms. 

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Jaiden George
@jaidengeorge, based in British Columbia


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This photographer, filmmaker, and writer is passionate about the conservation of Indigenous land and culture, and has shared these stories with ZenSeekers. Find his ZenSeekers content with the hashtag #IndigenousCoastBC. 

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Tyler Dixon
@tcdixon3, based in Alberta


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Self-described as a teacher, outdoor writer, sports fanatic, amateur photographer, and traveller, Tyler Dixon will certainly inspire you to get outside (and maybe even try out mountain biking) through his social channels. 

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Powder Matt
@powdermatt, based in British Columbia


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Matt Mosteller, aka " Powder Matt " Powder Matt is a writer, author, adventurer, traveller, outdoor guide, a catalyst for positive change, health crusader, and sports coach. You can follow him on his socials for more mountain content.

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Doc Pow
@doc_pow, based in British Columbia


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ZenSeekers' own Jim Barr aka 'Doc Pow' describes himself as a lover of life and likes to tell people about it so they can be more inspired to explore Alberta and BC.

Doc Pow has a ton of stories across ZenSeekers, SnowSeekers, and FestivalSeekers, so make sure to check it out!

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Of course, our own ZenSeekers account is filled with inspiration for meaningful experiences and destinations in western Canada.

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Spread some Zen positivity. Share this list of inspiring creators or add to our list someone you find inspiring on social media.

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