Forget what you thought you knew about bear hibernation


Do bears truly hibernate? And could their winter behaviour inspire medical breakthroughs or help us...

Métis Crossing music dance Smoky Lake Alberta Rob Hislop ZenSeekers

Join the jig at Métis Crossing, on the journey to reconciliation


With the swaying staccato of a fiddle and the quick-shuffle of moccasined feet, a cultural movement...

Cougar in forest

Staying safe in cougar territory


Do you know how to avoid encountering a cougar on the trail, or what to do if you do have an...

Sheep or goat, goat or sheep: tell the difference


You've probably seen them as you drive through the national parks in Alberta or BC: those furry...

Wolf by Milo Weiler

Wolf or coyote: what’s the difference?


Many a rancher will be able to tell you whether you've got a wolf or a coyote at a second's glance...

Lac La Biche birding Paul Lavoie ZenSeekers

Go birding in Lac La Biche for a nature refresh


With over 230 species of bird, and 150 lakes spread across Lac La Biche’s boreal landscape, birding...

Lac La Biche Off Road Adventures Elinor Lake

Camp in luxury on a backcountry lake in Lac La Biche


Looking to test the waters on a backcountry lake adventure? Off Road Adventures’ new Elinor Lake...

Grande Prairie County Alberta Evergreen hiking 2 women Jeremy Derksen ZenSeekers

Follow the #SeekersAmbassador Crew for max Zen this summer


A true Zen Seeker is always chasing what they love and living their life to the fullest. We asked...

Bear safety: know how and when to use bear spray


If you hike anywhere in Western Canada you should be educated on bear safety and what to do if you...

Culture and conservation intersect in Vancouver Island documentary


During location scouting for their film Finding Solitude, Jaiden George and Tristan Hinder-Hohlweg...

Edson Alberta ABWays2Winter Snowshoeing Ice Skating Nordic Skiing

Edson’s got the edge on winter for outdoor family fun


When Ginette Martin looks out at her acreage near Edson, here’s the lovely scene she may see on a...

Tofino Vancouver Island Biking Beach Jaiden George

Busting Out of the Pandemic Blocks in British Columbia


Oh, B.C. how we have missed you. During the pandemic, it was hard to enjoy your splendour. Yes, we...

Alberta staycation road trip

Planning for Post-Pandemic Staycations in Alberta


It might take us a while to build up the confidence to be in a cluster of strangers when we are...

A white dog sits on some rocks enjoying the alpine lake and mountain view

Zen out with these adorable animal photos


From dog-friendly hikes, to a surprise encounter with wildlife in the mountains, to getting up close...


Birds that brave the Canadian Winter


Bundled up with scarves, mitts, big jackets and toques you brave a walk through the winter landscape...

Top Hikes in Crowsnest Pass

Top 5 Hikes in The Crowsnest Pass


Nestled in the southern Canadian Rockies, the Crowsnest Pass – or fondly referred to as “The Pass,”...


Fishing expedition turns into amazing wildlife tour


With fishing lines dipping into the glassy ocean, we sat and waited. Boredom brought the lines up...

Great Bear

Into the lair of the Great Bear


As dusk descends, an explosion of violence shatters the tranquility of the world’s largest remaining...