Northern lights aurora photography snowmobile Paul Lavoie

Five eye-catching aurora spots in Western Canada


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Meet Sexsmith, a community in bloom with good vibes


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Culture and conservation intersect in Vancouver Island documentary


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8 inspiring people to follow on social media in Western Canada


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Zen out with these adorable animal photos


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Great places to find fall foliage


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Meditation tips for hikers


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Sheri Landry

An icy walk through Maligne Canyon: Sheri Landry


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Hiking Hidden Canyon Trail

Harmony behind the lens: Debbie and Greg Olsen


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Mountain Biking in Nakusp

Crash course on mountain bike photography


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Waiting for the right moment creates stunning images


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Biking in Squamish

Squamish: Is Oh So Turned-On These Days


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Meeting a moose for breakfast


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Waterfall on Vancouver Island

Waterfalls of Vancouver Island


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