What you should know about adopting a dog during COVID-19

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Amber McLinden, ZenSeekers, with her dog Kootenay as talent

Never have so many people been at home to give the dog attention! If you’re like my family, your pup is getting walked way more than they ever have before. It’s no surprise, then, that many people are considering adopting a dog during the pandemic. But, like before we were all staying home, having a pet is a lot of responsibility. How do you know when you’re ready to adopt?




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Why you should adopt a dog

During COVID-19, many shelters are still allowing adoptions, although contact with them is limited. Make sure to check out the website of your SPCA or Humane Society to see how to adopt.

With that in mind, there are SO many reasons to adopt a dog. First and foremost, you get a new best friend for life! The SPCA has numerous stories about folks who adopted pets and found a new companion. Take Bo, adopted from the BC SPCA Vernon & District Branch, in 2017, who’s family say he’s a full-fledged member of the family. You can check out his and other stories of adoption here.




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Adopting a dog that fits your lifestyle will make every aspect of your life more fun. Going hiking, biking, or a long walk is just more fun with an outdoor buddy. Plus, having a dog, like a kid, will certainly take up some more of your time, but giving them a good life is incredibly rewarding. What’s better than being loved by a dog?

What could be better than building friendship with an animal, having an excuse to spend time in nature, and welcoming a furry sidekick into the family?

What to know before adopting a dog

Of course, adopting a dog isn’t a walk in the park (pun intended). It’s a new responsibility. Knowing if you’re ready to adopt and preparing accordingly will mean the best life for you and your new pet.

Luckily, the advice of BC SPCA is applicable even during a pandemic. First and foremost, adopting a pet is a lifetime of responsibility. Pets will age, go through changes, and need medical care. While you might have plenty of time during the pandemic, think about what your life might look like post-quarantine. This should factor into your decision.



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The BC SPCA also recommends thinking about your expectations, lifestyle and household before adopting. Different animals have different personalities and needs, and not every pet will be a perfect match. That’s why organizations like the SPCA work to match pets to families by their personality and needs.

Finally, a pet is a new member of your family, and their care comes with a price. This includes things like food, toys, collars and travel carriers. They also need annual veterinarian exams and might have emergency medical needs down the road. You can purchase pet insurance and set aside emergency funds, but being monetarily prepared for a new pet is important.





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Even though adopting a pet can come with challenges, it’s a hugely rewarding experience for both you and the animal. You can look at the resources available through BC SPCA and Alberta SPCA for more information about caring for your pup.

You can find dogs ready to adopt at locations around B.C. and Alberta, but you can specifically check out the Edmonton Humane Society, Calgary Humane Society, Vancouver SPCA, and Kelowna SPCA.

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