• Looking for summer activities that will let you relax and unwind? Here are a few BC-based activities to help you relax. 

  • Now that the sun and warmth have arrived, it's the perfect time to find a little peace of mind and unwind. Here are a few activities that will help you relax this summer in Alberta. 

  • How can we act as good allies when we travel and explore in Western Canada?

  • In Alberta, there’s no shortage of stops to make if you’re planning on taking some day trips this summer. Less than 2 hours south east of Edmonton, you’ll come across the Village of Heisler in Flagstaff County, with a population of just 160 Albertans and some must-see businesses and attractions.

  • To a lot of us, sharks and bears have a lot in common. Both of these magnificent creatures can evoke fear and curiosity just by talking about them. There is confusion about what to do if you encountered one, and how to better protect them in their natural habitats.

    For World Oceans Day, ZenSeekers' own Doc Pow had an oceanside chat with shark scientist, videographer, and conservationist Justin Blake.

  • After months being at home, a road trip sounds pretty good right about now. Dream of fresh air and good times with this round-up of BC spots where you can explore wide-open outdoor spaces.

  • For a lot of us, 2020 has been a whirlwind of social distance anxiety and confusion. Let's change that. Get lost in Alberta's wide-open, outdoor havens close to home to recharge and rejuvenate your soul.

  • With all of us staying home from work and school because of the pandemic, we have more free time on our hands than ever before. While some work from home and others try their hand at new hobbies, like baking and painting, our canine companions are living in the lap of luxury.

  • After weeks of social distancing and isolation, we’re all in need of some fresh ideas to stay optimistic and inspired at home.

  • We’ve seen a lot of changes since the pandemic hit. Changes to how we work, how we play, how we support local businesses and even how we “travel.” Virtual experiences are on the rise and that includes some pretty innovative experiences right here in Alberta. 

    The Town of Vermilion, in partnership with ZenSeekers, has launched the first-ever #VermilionOnline. It’s a virtual festival showcasing experiences and businesses in the charming rural town of Vermilion, located just two hours east of Edmonton in central Alberta.

  • My former self, a passionate juggler with constant balls in the air lived a pretty frantic life. But these days, because of meditation, my coping mechanism from the collective jolt of COVID reality has led me into a place of calm and a grounded perspective. 

  • In today’s world, many of us are arriving at a new understanding of what matters. The reality is we are moving through some challenging days. Being optimistic means that, yes, these are challenging days, but there is a brighter future on the other side of it all. 

  • Bob Vedan is living the active lifestyle dream in Vernon.

    “My trifecta is skiing in the morning, golfing in the afternoon, and curling at night,” the 20-year Silverstar Mountain Host Bob Vedan told me over a cup of hot chocolate in the village on a snowy Friday afternoon. He completed his trifecta last year, and he’s going for it again this year.


  • There’s nothing like feeling like a total rockstar when you land at a destination for a few days of wintertime fun. I arrived at the Kelowna International Airport, directly from Vancouver, and was met by Chad Haller, co-owner of the Kelowna Concierge. Within minutes I was whisked through the city and up to The View Winery where I met my group for a sunset snowshoe in the vineyard.

  • CROWSNEST PASS - Exploring the Crowsnest Pass three ways by water last spring gave us the inspiration to do it all again, only in winter. There’s excellent downhill skiing, some amazing opportunities for switching to the skinny skis for cross-country skiing or sledding amid 360-degree magical mountain views.

  • CRANBROOK, B.C. – Picture a frozen lake you can have pretty much to yourself, and a place where you can glide on ice skates or catch a fish for some dinner at the base of some of the world’s most famous mountains. This is as Canadian as it gets. 

  • With hands strengthened by more than 30 years of working traps, Paul Padlesky removes a small, white furry weasel from his trap box and shows it to Cate Kittlitz and Derek Shackleton. Looking at it, he smiles, reminded of how his grandfather used to skin these small critters and give the furs to Paul when he was just a young boy.

  • Using a length of coiled wire and a dead aspen branch, Lilyrose Meyers demonstrates how to set a snare between two spruce trees, their trunks littered with the telltale reddish-brown, loamy detritus of a squirrel midden. The low lying sun speckles the naked winter forest at her feet.

  • When we hear about the many environmental dangers threatening the health of our oceans, the fate of the majestic whale is often front and centre. Now, they are at risk of losing one of their vital sources of food.


  • C'est l'amour! Valentine's Day doesn’t have to be about a box of chocolates or a card. Instead of asking ‘what should I get for Valentines Day?’, ask yourself ‘what should we DO?’

    You’re going to find something great to try on this list of unexpected Valentine's Day ideas for you and your sweetheart or you and your friends.