• Strap a pair of snowshoes to your feet and let the topographic boundaries of winter in Alberta drift away. Step away from the resorts and the paved pathways to discover solitude and silence in some of the best untracked snow in the prairies. Best of all, Alberta has a lot of snow to spare – so you can pretty much go in any direction!

  • We can’t count the number of activities you can get up to in the west central region of Alberta this winter – and all of them good for the mind, body and soul. 

  • Winter 2020-21 can be one of two things. It can be long and dreary, or we can make the most of it. Let’s take advantage of the situation.

  • Jeremy Derksen pour #TakeItToTheLake 

    Le café, l’artisan fromager, le confectionneur de cocktails. Non, ce n’est pas une comptine... c’est plutôt un après-midi à Vermilion. Les gâteries de l’après-midi se partagent souvent mieux entre amis. Par exemple, les fraises au chocolat sur pain rôti, un assortiment de fromages raffinés ou un cocktail à 15 heures.

  • Le sourire fendu jusqu’aux oreilles, l’eau éclaboussant derrière lui, Josh Meredith se promène en Sea-Doo. Nikki Hallows le suit de près, traverse son sillage et met de la pression sur son moteur pour s’élancer dans les airs. Le bruit des moteurs se fait entendre pendant qu’ils vont et viennent sur le lac Baptiste, dans le comté d’Athabasca.

  • On a normal summer day, enjoying his passion for dinosaur fossil hunting in the valleys and river bottoms of the Pipestone Creek near Grande Prairie in 1974, Al Lakusta unearthed something that would transform the landscape of paleontology in Alberta. His discovery of one of the most massive fossil beds would put the Peace Region in northwestern Alberta on the dinosaur map.

  • We could easily write a hefty book about all the ways to get out on the water around British Columbia. But, we’re not going to attempt that. However, we will try to inspire you to get out of the city and find some secret waterfalls and hidden coves, beaches (yes, even for dogs!) and swimming holes.

    Vancouverites already have an entire ocean on their doorstep, but sometimes a refreshing dip in a saltless body of water does the soul good.

  • The long, hot days of summer in Alberta just beg water lovers to find a swimming hole, a place to SUP, kayak or canoe or let a meandering river take you on a blissful float.

    If you have a favourite hue of green or blue, you’ll find it on one of Alberta hundreds of lakes or rivers.

  • Within a few steps onto a tree-lined trail do you ever say to yourself, “Why don’t I do this more often?” You take a big breath – the fresh air drops to the bottom of your lungs and it wakes up your senses. You are ready to be where everything is one. Or, as the long time locals in Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation Territory on Vancouver Island say, His-Shuk-nish-tsa-waak.

  • Does your social media timeline need a boost of positivity and inspiration? These awesome people on social media are pumping out the Zen content. 

  • From dog-friendly hikes, to a surprise encounter with wildlife in the mountains, to getting up close to a prairie staple, we're getting our fill of cute-meets-Zen in western Canada.

  • There’s nothing quite like the moment – driving between Ucluelet and Tofino – when you first turn that corner and are met with a glimpse of the ocean, bathed in the shimmering golden light of a coastal sunset.

  • Situated on the southwestern coast of Vancouver Island is the tight-knit community of Bamfield, home to the Huu-ay-aht First Nations, and access point to the ancient Kiixin Village – the only known traditional village site on the coast of southern B.C. to still contain standing structures.

  • How can we act as good allies when we travel and explore in Western Canada?

  • With all of us staying home from work and school because of the pandemic, we have more free time on our hands than ever before. While some work from home and others try their hand at new hobbies, like baking and painting, our canine companions are living in the lap of luxury.

  • After weeks of social distancing and isolation, we’re all in need of some fresh ideas to stay optimistic and inspired at home.

  • We’ve seen a lot of changes since the pandemic hit. Changes to how we work, how we play, how we support local businesses and even how we “travel.” Virtual experiences are on the rise and that includes some pretty innovative experiences right here in Alberta. 

    The Town of Vermilion, in partnership with ZenSeekers, has launched the first-ever #VermilionOnline. It’s a virtual festival showcasing experiences and businesses in the charming rural town of Vermilion, located just two hours east of Edmonton in central Alberta.

  • In today’s world, many of us are arriving at a new understanding of what matters. The reality is we are moving through some challenging days. Being optimistic means that, yes, these are challenging days, but there is a brighter future on the other side of it all. 

  • Bob Vedan is living the active lifestyle dream in Vernon.

    “My trifecta is skiing in the morning, golfing in the afternoon, and curling at night,” the 20-year Silverstar Mountain Host Bob Vedan told me over a cup of hot chocolate in the village on a snowy Friday afternoon. He completed his trifecta last year, and he’s going for it again this year.


  • There’s nothing like feeling like a total rockstar when you land at a destination for a few days of wintertime fun. I arrived at the Kelowna International Airport, directly from Vancouver, and was met by Chad Haller, co-owner of the Kelowna Concierge. Within minutes I was whisked through the city and up to The View Winery where I met my group for a sunset snowshoe in the vineyard.