Where's the heat dome? Get a grip on 2022's "weird" summer weather


With La Niña and bikini season making things ‘weird’ in the west, here’s how to make the most of any weather this summer!

Summer weather in 2022 has been weird in the west. One day it’s Junuary, the next day it’s hot, and then a ski resort suddenly opens with snow in July.

Weather forecasters like the Farmer’s Almanac earlier this year warned of another hotter-than-normal summer. But instead of sunscreen and bathing suits, Zen seekers in the west started the summer more often turning to umbrellas and sweaters.

Before you go and declare this to be a ‘bummer summer’, let’s get into the updated 2022 forecast with a dose of AWEsome from our #SeekersAmbassador crew!

Will the heat dome return in 2022?

Like we mentioned, the early take on the long range summer weather pattern for this season has changed. Forecasters like the Weather Network are now predicting the weirdest part of summer 2022 is that it’s going to be pretty normal. While we’re in for hot days here and there, at this point, don’t expect a heat dome heading our way.

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Instead, in British Columbia there should be an average number of days to hit the beach, but without the blistering seatbelt burn as you get back into your car to continue on your #ExploreVernon or #OkanaganExploring road trip. 

Okanagan vineyard lake view Heather Gardiner #SeekersAmbassador
Photo: Heather Gardiner
Okanagan temps were beautiful when #SeekersAmbassador Heather Gardiner snapped this pic in late June. / @hcgardiner

On the coast, like Vancouver, and the Island, it could be a bit cooler than normal. At the same time, you're still bound to find plenty of refreshing moments, like these: 


If you’re into mild-weather biking, hiking, or camping, July and August are looking good on the coast; now's the time to book into some of these #Kiixin, #TlaaminStrong, or #ExplorePortAlberni experiences. 

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In Alberta, especially north and central like Edmonton and Fort McMurray, we’re expecting some of our regular scorching #TakeItToTheLake days but again, pretty normal overall.

Paddleboard Kananaskis Lake warm summer weather Tyler Dixon #SeekersAmbassador
Photo: Tyler Dixon
#SeekersAmbassador Tyler Dixon enjoying a warm, sunny paddle on Upper Kananaskis Lake. / @tcdixon3

The ‘Triple Dip’ La Niña

If it feels like we’ve been in La Niña for years, that’s because we have! It doesn’t happen often, but the La Niña that started in late 2020 stuck around this spring. 

That unexpected weather pattern is part of what has given us some of our cooler temperatures. But the coolest part of this (pun intended), wildfire season is expected to be minimal in 2022!

It also means the mountain snow has been slow to melt. Did you see that Mount Washington on Vancouver Island re-opened for skiing over Father’s Day Weekend and Sunshine Village reopened for about a week in July? 

But enough about the snow. It's time to get into summer, for real. Here are a few more summer ideas from the #SeekersAmbassador Crew guaranteed to give you a smile or a jolt of get-up-and-go.

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Black Beauty Bam-balam jam with @troyfyhn

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