Hot summer 2022 forecast will have you seeking places to cool off in Alberta, BC


Remember the heat dome over Western Canada in summer 2021? Wondering if we'll see another heat wave in BC and Alberta in 2022? Well, the Farmer’s Almanac forecast suggests Alberta and British Columbia will heat up again for summer 2022, with weather that will have you looking for things to do on hot days, and places to cool off and escape the heat.

When planning for summer travels in Alberta or BC it always helps to have a sense of what the weather will be. Think beach days, shady forest hikes and bikes, waterfalls, and lots of refreshing bevys. Pack your swim trunks, paddleboard, water bottle and a camera when you hit the road - it’s going to be hot!

If you're looking for hot summer day activities and places where you can cool off in Alberta and BC this summer, we've got just the thing - but first, a look at what the forecast is calling for across the west this summer.

Alberta & BC summer weather forecast: plan for hot days

The forecast is predicting 30 to 35 C by mid-July in communities across BC and Alberta. Remember the heat dome of summer 2021? Record-breaking temperatures in the hottest places in the west like the Okanagan reached +40 C. 

Vancouver and interior BC
From the Kootenays to Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island, it’s expected to be quite a dry summer. 

Kayaking with Wicked Watersport Rentals at Cold Lake, AB.
Photo: Jeremy Derksen
The name says it all: Cold Lake is a great place to cool off on a hot Alberta summer day.

In much of Alberta in the early part of July, refreshing rain is expected. It could be an umbrella and rain boots kind of day for Canada Day 2022.

By September, a cooler fall is expected so you’ll want to make the most of your hot-weather activities in June, July, and August. 

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Anticipate a good storm watching season

For those who love a good thunderstorm or storm chasing photo, we’re expecting plenty of storm-watching opportunities east of the Rockies all summer. Edmonton, Calgary, and Grande Prairie are already in prime storm watching areas but venturing east towards MD of Bonnyville, or West towards Hinton will get you in front of some picture-worthy moments too.

Storm Chasing
Photo: Ricky Forbes
Storm watching can be a thrilling experience - from a distance!

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