Ride with T̓iick̓in Ebikes, for Indigenous culture, nature experiences in Tofino, Ucluelet


Ucluelet First Nation/Ucluelet BC – For the Taylor family’s T̓iick̓in Ebikes, your rental includes a ride through some of the world’s most stunning landscapes along Vancouver Island’s West Coast, and it comes with so much more. 

“When our guests come and rent an e-bike from us, they are actually helping our people heal the land,” explains Ucluelet First Nation citizen and T̓iick̓in ebike rental shop owner Gord Taylor.

Coming into year four of operations in Ucluelet and Tofino, this family e-bike rental company is building a network, allowing those fortunate enough to visit here to ditch their car upon arrival, and rent an e-bike to truly connect with the land. While doing so, expect to click into nature in a way that few do when they visit here.

WATCH: T̓iick̓in ebikes make natural connections on Vancouver Island 

Watch Ride with T̓iick̓in Ebikes, for Indigenous culture, nature experiences in Tofino on YouTube.

“Sure, you can drive to Wickaninnish beach, but if you bike there it is just a different experience where you see so much more. It’s a very connected way to get around,” explains son, Gordie Taylor.

Photo: Bryanna Bradley
Gord Taylor (senior) along with his family operate T̓iick̓in Ebikes, with two locations along the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Over the past few years, Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, Ucluelet First Nation, Parks Canada and the BC Government have come together to build one of the planet’s most unique biking experiences, connecting the communities of Tofino and Ucluelet via a 35-kilometre, multi-use paved path that goes right through Pacific Rim National Park, home to Long Beach and several other beaches found along the path. 

Gordie Taylor at T̓iick̓in Ebike rentals Ucluelet office getting ready for a big year in 2024.

They could have easily cheaped out at parts, but a connection to nature along the path was priority. That meant that instead of putting the path along the highway, or at the other side of the parking lot, it weaves through old growth forest and right next to Long Beach.

Photo: Bryanna Bradley
Epic beach views at Long Beach and several others await you along your ride.

So much so, it could be a distraction for you as you bike along, given the sound of the pounding surf and a view that will knock your socks off is all part of the T̓iick̓in e-bike rental experience. 

Rent a T̓iick̓in ebike for an epic west coast adventure 

With a second rental location open for 2024, you can now rent a bike from T̓iick̓in on either end of the trip. Start from Tin Wis Resort and bike to Ucluelet and back, or start from the Junction (about 10 mins from downtown Ucluelet and do it vice versa.

Photo: Bryanna Bradley
With a new T̓iick̓in location at Tin Wis Resort open for 2024, you can ride from either end of the coastal trail.

“This is not unreasonable” explains Gordie, “Ukee (Ucluelet) and Tofino are not super far apart, especially with an e-bike. 

Given you are using an e-bike, you won’t be drained in the legs and still have lots of go left in your day for other adventures.” 

Gordie goes on to explain that it would be hard to get that amount of adventure on a regular bike, “you can rent from us, go hit the beach, stop at the brewery in Tofino or Ucluelet and then drop the bike off at either of our locations and still have the rest of the afternoon for whatever you want to do.”

Featured in the T̓iick̓in e-bike experience video above is BC’s Tourism Minister Lana Popham and her entourage, who had this review: 

“You come around the corner and it’s like a movie, but it’s real life! The views along Long Beach and within Pacific Rim National Park stop you in your tracks, it’s that stunning.”

Ucluelet ebike
ebike old growth forest
ebike Long Beach Tofino

Other reviews of T̓iick̓in e-bikes include those coming back feeling like a kid again, adds Gordie. 

“Our renters might have seen a bear or a whale on their biking adventure, they are wowed! You just can’t get an adventure like this in the city."

It's all part of the approach with T̓iick̓in, which goes beyond rentals to supporting an evolution in how we relate to nature and deal with climate change. 

When you go 

Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation and Ucluelet First Nation will reward you in so many ways by making a connection to these ancient homelands that will super charge your soul. 

Paula Amos, with Indigenous Tourism BC, was also part of the experience, “it’s encouraging to see nations coming together to build tourism offerings, given we see Tla-o-qui-aht and Ucluelet First Nations coming together with Parks to see the trail build." 

Book Tin Wis, bike Tofino - Ucluelet
In the high seasons, Tofino and Ucluelet can be overrun with cars, so at your time of booking in with the Tin Wis Resort, put in your request for an e-bike, have it on reserve and make it your mode of transport. 

Watch for Indigenous carvings on your ride
Along the trail seek out the ways Parks Canada identifies the union between Tla-o-qui-aht and Ucluelet First Nations, look for Tla-o-qui-aht carver Joe Martin’s “watchmen wolves” on one side and coming soon some beautiful carved eagles by Clifford George on the other side near Ucluelet First Nation. 

Guided bike tours coming soon
Stay tuned, for more from the Taylors' T̓iick̓in e-bikes soon, inquire about guided bike tours coming in later 2024. 

Everyone needs a change of pace once in a while, we at ZenSeekers encourage you to make your booking with T̓iick̓in e-bikes today.

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