Tla’amin Nation is on the west coast of British Columbia along what is commonly known as The Sunshine Coast. 

Tla’amin Nation is a place the Tla’amin people have called home for more lifetimes than most of us can count. Within the nation are Tla’amin camping, hiking, fishing and outdoor experiences that deliver the light in more ways than anyone could ever know in one lifetime.

Tla’amin Nation welcomes you to their Nation. While on your travels, the Tla'amin invite you to take some time to gain a better understanding of Tla’amin language, culture and a better appreciation for their land.

The stories presented here are designed to help us have a better experience within Tla’amin Nation, knowing a few aspects of their landscape and how the region was created, from Tla’amin’s perspective.

Get involved, please share these stories for us to support Tla'amin’s interests in being experienced by respectful travelers who can appreciate history and indigenous perspective.

Join us and share your story by using #tlaaminstrong as you experience Tla’amin.

- Emote
(Tla’amin for something close to “keep being awesome”)