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Head to Port Alberni in the heart of Vancouver Island, on the edge of Canada and home to one of the world's longest ocean inlets. This is where can explore an Indigenous village going back 5,000 years.

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Port Alberni, B.C. - It takes courage and determination to see through a vision in creating a new business. For Port Alberni’s Robin Miles and Andy Richards, it’s a whole lot of “dog-to-a-bone” mentality to open the doors to one of Canada’s newest craft breweries.

Bamfield, B.C. – As the ocean laps at the shore, the sound of the crashing waves washes away the everyday noise and takes you to a place that is out of this world. Welcome to the west coast, and specifically Bamfield – where the spirit and beauty of its hiking trails has a magic that might just transform you.

I thought it was the beauty of Kiixin that took my breath away. I thought it was the archeological remains of the 5,000-year-old site, the natural splendour of the shoreline and First Nations connection to the rainforest. But when Wisqii told us he was so proud to share the history of his people, I knew what this tour was truly about, the people.

Did you know you can experience what a non-motorized flight is like in Port Alberni? Then ‘Get High’ again when you #ExplorePortAlberni with a hike in the Alberni Valley.

The arts are the heartbeat of Port Alberni, from historic and meaningful cultural masterpieces to creative and social events. You can visit, explore, and shop over 80 artists at 15 venues during the Solstice Arts Festival in Port Alberni.

Have you thought about what life was like on Vancouver Island when things were a little more rugged, a little more remote and life moved at a slower pace? I recently experienced just that, and I didn’t have to time travel to do it.

The beauty of the ancient forests and mighty mountains of Vancouver Island draw many visitors to explore the wild west coast. Myself as a hiker and mountain biker seek out the endless trails and alpine vistas that the island has to offer. Even with this passion for the land I am still well aware what adventure and challenge the water has to offer. Locally it is rare to meet anyone who hasn’t heard that Port Alberni is the self described Salmon Capital of Vancouver Island.

#ExplorePortAlberni “That’s a MacGillivray's warbler,” said our intrepid guide Sandy McRuer, pausing mid-sentence, looking up into the trees.

#ExplorePortAlberni Instead of counting highway lines – because there were none – I looked out the window as narrow rows of timber whisked by like larger-than-life barcodes. The forest services road from Port Alberni to Bamfield follows the ocean inlet from the Pacific flowing in from the west, which many people often forget since Port Alberni is so close to the east coast of Vancouver Island.

#ExplorePortAlberni Want to get out and explore the beautiful Alberni Valley? Follow this one-day itinerary and be prepared to be amazed.

“That used to be my hotspot over there,” said Captain Mike Halvorsen, pointing across the Alberni Inlet to a cove where Douglas Firs covered a mountainside and stood branch-to-branch at the edge of a pebble-covered beach.

The bulbs of market lights twinkling above were strung between cedar boughs, and Perry Como played on an outdoor loudspeaker.

“It’s 1953 Day at the Mill today!” said Deanna Beaudoin, executive director of McLean Mill Historic Park  as she walked up to me with root beer floats in hand.

By plane, car or even by boat! You can get to Port Alberni by any means of transport. Here's some information about all the available options to help you decide which type of transport suits you best.