Unlock Tofino's best-kept secrets via Tin Wis Resort


#IndigenousCoast #TinWis A stay at Tin Wis resort unlocks Tofino experiences and savings, while supporting Indigenous through Tla-o-qui-aht Nation's Tribal Park Allies  

Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation/Tofino BC - When Port Alberni resident Ashley Oscienny and her family make a Tofino visit, they choose the Tin Wis Resort. Why? Being plugged into the local scene after years of visits, they know it scores them deals on all the things they like to do in Tofino. Founded in 2020 as a way to ladder up the Tofino experience, the Tin Wis Bonus Card unlocks deals across Tla-o-qui-aht’s homelands, which encompasses the town of Tofino (and beyond). 

“You score all the Tofino highlights all in one card, while supporting Tla-o-qui-aht,” says Ashley Oscienny. Follow the Oscienny’s itinerary starting with a stay at Tla-o-qui-aht’s Tin Wis Resort, ocean front, for a soul charger of a Tofino stay.

Be sure to read on to find out how you can upgrade your visit with the Tin Wis bonus card.

Watch Unlock Tofino via a Tin Wis Resort stay on YouTube.

Day 1 - Arrive, swim & campfire beachside 

Step 1 is simple: check into Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation’s Tin Wis Resort (on Mackenzie Beach, 10 mins car or bike from downtown Tofino). Pick up your Tin Wis Bonus Card at check in and settle in for a few days of epic.

Start your Tofino trip right with a stay at Tin Wis, and savings on adventure.

Right out of the gates a swim in the ocean is a must, in the calm waters out front of Tin Wis. Then hit the Resort’s new hot tub (check out the view with their LIVE Mackenzie Beach webcam).

Swim Tin Wis Resort Melissa Renwick ZenSeekers
Photo: Melissa Renwick
Tin Wis literally means "calm waters" and that's exactly how you'll feel.

Keep dinner easy with some Basic Goodness Pizza and beers from Tofino Brewery over a beach fire (they sell wood at the Tin Wis front desk, best to pack a bit of kindling).

Day 2 - Morning: buffet & bikes, Tofino-style

Did someone say breakfast buffet? (On site, included in your stay!) Time to put that Tin Wis Bonus Card into action: start by picking up your Tofino Bikes.

Likely you will be on one of their bikes engineered by a Tofino bike builder, a Cyber one speed, happy all of the time, the ultimate beach cruiser. 

Bike rental beach ride Tin Wis bonus card Melissa Renwick
Photo: Melissa Renwick
Get a discount on bike rentals with your Tin Wis bonus card, and leave the car behind!

On the door of Tofino Bike’s rental shop, you will find a map/gauge, providing all the goods on where to cruise. If you really want to go for it, pack a picnic and hit Long Beach—the new bike trail to Ucluelet, is epic and Long Beach is about a third of the way along this new trail.

Or head into town for lunch at one of the Tla-o-qui-aht Tribal Parks Allies locations.

Day 2 - Afternoon: surf Tofino (the classic)

Either bring the bike back or keep it through your 24 or 48-hour stay. Having a bike revolutionizes your Tofino experience… leave the car alone, you won’t miss it!

Next up, hit the water with Tofino Paddle Surf! The Bruhwiler family are a legendary surf family who makes their home here in Tofino.

Paddle surf Tin Wis Tofino Melissa Renwick ZenSeekers
Photo: Melissa Renwick
Save when you surf, with the Tin Wis bonus card. It's a Tofino classic!

Cath Bruhwiler, owner of Tofino Paddle Surf, grew up on Mackenzie Beach and now runs her surf shack right next door to where she grew up, on the grounds of Tin Wis Resort. This is Tofino’s first surf school & rental shop.

Go Tofino, Stay Tin Wis, score savings and support Indigenous.

Check in with Cath and her team to score a paddle board rental deal and go for an afternoon paddle (keep it that night so ideally you can score a sunrise paddle in as well).

Tin Wis means "calm waters" in Tla-o-qui-aht, perfect for anyone looking to get onto the water for a view of the coast many don’t get to see. (Your Tin Wis Bonus Card scores you deals on surfboard rentals too).

Campfire beachside Tin Wis Resort Melissa Renwick ZenSeekers
Photo: Melissa Renwick
Grab some firewood from the resort and have a campfire beachside.

For dinner – Little Ronnie’s BBQ, right next door to the Tin Wis. Then, another beach fire… because they are epic!

Day 3 - Morning: it’s time to namasend it!

Book an 8 a.m. Tuff City Sauna session and get into the health and benefits of a steam and ocean plunge experience. You don’t score 550 odd 5 Star Google reviews in a year if you don’t have an epic experience… take the two hours to take over Tuff City’s brilliant set up, directly next to the Tin Wis Resort

Tuff City Sauna Tin Wis Tofino BC Melissa Renwick ZenSeekers
Photo: Melissa Renwick
Hit Namasend for full relaxation at Tuff City Sauna.

Here you’ll stoke your own wood burning fire, as it steams you and your crew with local essential oils. Then comes the ocean plunge, and back into the sauna, repeat this process say five times and you have yourself a health session for your year.

“It’s about the way people feel after their time in the sauna and their time in the water,” explains Tuff City Sauna’s owner Jordan Hanthorn. "People tell me all the time how they never sleep better than after their time with us."

Later morning hit the mat with Tofino Yoga, who's been namasending it for 20 years on Tofino’s Mackenzie Beach (beach yoga runs May through Oct 15). Cool thing for you, and anyone staying at the Tin Wis, is that beach is Mackenzie, exactly where you are staying.

One of Tofino Yoga’s mantras is “moving to the ebb and flow of the ocean.”

Lunch, Wild Side Grill, uber tasty, backed by over 1,100 4.5+ star TripAdvisor reviews (fish tacos or any of their burgers are mighty).

Day 3 - Afternoon: Tofino by air plus sweet landings

Send it into the wild blue with Tofino Air. Flightseeing tours of anywhere from 25 to 60 mins is what this long-standing tourist attraction offers.

Flying right out of downtown Tofino, you have the choice between three popular tours that will fly you over a variety of Tla-o-qui-aht destinations. The Tin Wis Bonus card scores you a deal on any of their array of flight tours.

When you come down, you can settle your senses over some tea and a snack at the Common Loaf Bakery.

Tin Wis Bonus Card savings Tofino BC Melissa Renwick ZenSeekers
Photo: Melissa Renwick
Use the Tin Wis bonus card to unlock special deals across Tofino.

As your stay winds down, make note: Chocolate Tofino is conveniently located in the same parking lot as Tofino Bikes. So when you return your bikes, hit a round of ice cream, the perfect Tofino après!

Did someone say a discount on ice cream? Get into it and order up a legendary Salted Caramel Sundae, with your choice of regular or vegan ice cream, all made in house. 

Sweeten your stay with savings on ice cream, at Chocolate Tofino.

There is a whole lot of Tofino highlights included in the Tin Wis Bonus Card. It’s your choice whether to bang off a few of them each time you stay or use this handy itinerary as a guide for a two or even a three-night epic of a stay.

With the Tin Wis Bonus Card, your next Tofino visit will be a stellar soul charger via a showcase of these Tofino highlights.


You will find the full past, present and future story of Tin Wis here.

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