Save on DH riding with bike park season passes, multi-day tix

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As we get into the biking season for 2022, we start to think about where we want to bike - from our favourite backwoods trails to the mountainous peaks that are only accessible via chairlifts from resort bike parks.

But summer only lasts so long and many of us have a limited budget for mountain biking. With the prices of gas these days, who doesn’t need to pinch some pennies? 

So how can you afford to hit all the best mountain bike trails this summer? Read on for the best deals we could find on lift-serviced mountain biking in Alberta and BC for summer 2022.

How to save on mountain biking this summer

Figuring out the best deals can be a major chore when all you want to do is get out and bike, but don’t worry we’ve done the heavy lifting. We’ve pulled together season passes, discount cards, and more so that you can spend more time ripping killer lines in the bike park and less scrolling on the internet.

There are two important things you need to keep in mind when deciding what pass is right for you: how many days you plan on getting out and where you want to go.

Bike Park season passes

The big one: season passes. It usually comes down to what is closest to home, but what if you are near a few mountains or you are thinking of spending the summer away from home. We’ve got you covered with a few options that come with some great bonus perks to help find the best deals.

Whistler Blackcomb - Twilight Bike Park Pass
The most affordable way to experience mountain biking at Whistler this summer is definitely the Twilight Bike Park Pass that offers unlimited riding after 4:30 pm all season for $345. With the long summer days on the Sunshine Coast you will be sure to have plenty of time to hit the trails, even after a day at work!


Silverstar Mountain Resort - Downhill Season Pass
Silverstar’s season pass is great for a lot of reasons, from being only $429 for the entire season, discounts on friend passes and bike repairs/labour, and even one free day at Sun Peaks Resort with no blackout dates!

Winsport - Summer Season Pass
Winsport is a great option for those in Alberta who want to be able to quickly and easily access some great mountain biking - and it is conveniently located in Calgary. The summer season pass is $269 or if you want to go enduro and not have lift access you can grab the enduro pass for $119, what a steal!

Multi-day Bike Park passes

Perhaps you can only get out a few times a year, maybe you want to spend more time on back woods trails, or maybe you just aren’t sure a season pass is right for you. No matter the reason, a multi-day pass is a great alternative to single day mountain tickets.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort - Mountain bike 3-day vertical cards
This pass is perfect for those who might want to spend a weekend in Revelstoke or who might want to visit a few times over the summer. Three days for $139 and you can use it any day throughout the summer so you can plan ahead or be spontaneous with your time on Revelstoke’s incredible trails.


Whistler Blackcomb - 5-day bike park pass
The five-day bike park pass is perfect for those who want to make a few trips to Whistler or who want to spend a week there and enjoy the resort's world class bike trails this summer. At only $345 you will save nearly $100 dollars for five days of epic trails at Whistler.

Hucking into South Bear Creek trails, Grande Prairie, AB.
Photo: Jeremy Derksen

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