70 songs to add to your Road Trip Adventure Playlist

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Every good road trip needs a good soundtrack. There’s nothing like music to put you in the Zen zone as you cruise through Western Canada, through national parks, over mountain passes, past countryside and city. Just in time for the Junos, we polled the #SeekersAmbassador crew and ZenSeekers readers to create the ultimate road trip adventure playlist for your summer travels. 

You’ll find a mix of musical genres old and new with a good dose of Canadian musical artists to pump you up, chill you out, get in the flow and sing along to as you get out on the open road.

#SeekersAmbassador Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

We posed a simple question to our #SeekersAmbassador crew: what music forms the soundtrack to your roadtripping adventures around Western Canada?

The answers were a mix of classic hits and new bangers, and everything in between, featuring artists as diverse as Dan Mangan, The Funk Hunters, Gogol Bordello, K. Flay, Gramatik, the Tragically Hip and more.  

Press play, then scroll through some specific song suggestions and Zen ideas from the #SeekersAmbassador crew.


Got your own roadtrip faves?

Play along with our #SeekersAmbassador crew! Add your road trip and adventure tracks, too. Tag @ZenSeekers on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to submit your recommendations for this 2022 road trip adventure playlist.

Darian Cannard
Instagram: @Wyldbc

  • Patio Lanterns - Kim MItchell
  • Ratatat - Cream on Chrome
  • Anything by Eddie Vedder
  • Hoppipolla - Sigur Ros (good mountain road trip vibes) 
  • Anything by Dan Mangan
  • Half Alive - Still Feel

A post shared by Darian (@wyldbc)

Heather Gardiner
Instagram: @hcgardiner

  • No Rain - Blind Melon
  • Home for a Rest - Spirit of the West
  • Intergalactic - Beastie Boys

Shaun Hutt
Instagram: @oldmankingztun

  • Bad Habit - The Offspring (explicit)
  • Blood in the Cut - K. Flay (explicit)
  • Winters Wolves - The Sword
  • Smooth Sailin' - Wu Massacre
  • Hooked - Notion
  • Illusion of Choice - Gramatik
  • Flowing - 311
  • Anything from the Songs in the key of SHRED playlist on Spotify

Tyler Dixon
Instagram: @tcdixon3

  • White Lights - The Rural Alberta Advantage
  • Wheat Kings - The Tragically Hip

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Jim Barr
Instagram: @Doc_Pow

  • Making a Fire - Foo Fighters
  • Home- Moontricks
  • I hate Work- Shred Kelly 
  • Hands Up (Raise your Feet) - The Funk Hunters
  • These Days - Foo Fighters

Cassandra Gifford
Instagram: @caseyy_adventures2

  • Flowers Don’t Bloom - Josh Sahunta

Cassandra also added this little IG gem to inspire your travels: 


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Erin Baird 
Instagram: @enrichingerin

  • Eloise - Utah Remix penny and sparrow
  • Every Day is a Winding Road - Cheryl Crow
  • Life is a Highway - Tom Cochrane

Instagram: @islandgirls.exploring 

  • Wild Child - Meadows
  • Thunderstruck - AC DC
  • Dream on - Arrowsmith
  • Comin' Home - City and Color
  • Ooo Ohh - Daniel Wesley

Drew Rogers
Instagram: @mandrewrogers 

  • Express Yourself - Diplo

Drew recently completed a triple play combining summer and winter adventures into a single day - read the story on SnowSeekers.ca and check out this teaser:


A post shared by Drew Rogers (@mandrewrogers)

Stevie Gaultier
Instagram @NovemberSeven

  • For What it’s Worth - Moontricks w/ Shred Kelly
  • White Sky - Vampire Weekend
  • Any Funk Hunters mix track
  • Time Alone with You - Jacob Collier
  • Bored Together - Robyn Froese

Jeremy Derksen
Instagram: @thewilderxness

  • New Goodbye - Hey Rosetta
  • Fight Test - The Flaming Lips
  • Spirit - Tim Baker
  • Boogie Shoes - KC and the Sunshine Band
  • In the Meantime in Pernambuco - Gogol Bordello
  • Fool for Love - Lord Huron

Plus, he's got a little extra "pump up" soundtrack music for you here:


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