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There’s something extra special about summer 2022. After two years of tight restrictions limiting interactions, and experiences, we all have a huge appreciation for good times with big groups and friends from far away. 

Browse these posts from the #SeekersAmbassador crew to get inspired to pick up the phone, call your buddies, maybe join a club and reconnect.

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1. Building the hype is better with friends

When you grow your crew, your motivation to get after it grows exponentially. And of course, you have to hype up the occasion like this group in Peace River, Alberta.

- Cassandra Gifford, @caseyy_adventures2 

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2. Extra eyes on a scout

So you offer to go on a coffee run and get to check out the mountain biking conditions at the same time? It’s more exciting when you have someone to get amped about the conditions with you.

This is what it looks like heading up Mount Seymour on the North Shore without snow. 


A post shared by Shaun (@oldmankingztun)

- Shaun Hutt, @oldmankingztun 

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3. When biking, buddies are best

Speaking of mountain biking, the season is 100% popping off. This is what K-Country is looking like right now. Best biked with friends.


A post shared by Tyler Dixon (@tcdixon3)

- Tyler Dixon, @Tcdixon3 

4. Nature gives us space to reconnect

Slow it down, find yourself a waterfall, and make it your go-to spot to connect to nature with friends, like this spot in the Okanagan in SyilxI territory.

- Kerry MacLeod, @kerrymacleod 

5. Friends motivate each other for quick adventures

Round up your work buddies for a quick post-work Zen moment. 30 minutes of hiking and you’re at this view from the top of Talus Mountain at Warfield in the Kootenays.


A post shared by Darian (@wyldbc)

- Darian Cannard, @Wyldbc 

6. Having someone to share the moment with

Camping solo is OK, but imagine waking up to a sight like the Drumheller Hoodoos with your crew? Memories are 100% guaranteed to be made.

- Erin Baird, @Enrichingerin

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7. Toasting good times together

There’s nothing like having a good laugh with friends. After two years of restrictions and solo tours, group experiences are back on the menu. Like tried and true winery tours in BC.

- ZenSeekers social media manager Stevie Gaultier, @NovemberSeven

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8. Making new memories

Whether it’s a physical photo or a mental photo, collecting memories is just better with friends.

- Chantal Laurie, @chantallauriie 

9. Sharing the love for epic places

When you are alone, thankfully you can take videos to share the love. Like the Wild Pacific Trail in YUUŁUʔIŁʔATḤ territory & BC’s recently rated 2nd best town…Ucluelet

- ZenSeekers founder Jim Barr, A.K.A @Doc_Pow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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