Prehistoric history awaits with these 6 dinosaur experiences in Alberta and BC


Western Canada is home to some of the biggest fossil discoveries in the world and thanks to of the dinosaur museums, provincial parks, and track sites across Alberta and BC you can take a glimpse into this prehistoric world.

Step back in time and experience 360 million years of history that took place in the mountains, fields, and valleys that we call home with these 6 dinosaur adventures in Western Canada.

6 dinosaurs experiences in to experience in Canada

Learn about Paleontology at the Philip J. Currie Museum

Wembley, Alberta

Wembley is home to the Philip J. Currie Museum which is the only place in the world to uncover a Pachyrhinosauras lakustai and is now a world-leading attraction for dinosaur education and research. 

Go beyond looking in this small Alberta town thanks to the dinosaur excavation experiences that let you join a real palaeontological excavation, with researchers and field crews in the Pipestone Creek Bonebed!


How Pachyrhinosaurs put Wembley on the #DinoTrail map

Step back in time in Prince George

Prince George, BC

Prince George is known as the capital of the north, but did you know they are home to prehistoric creatures and fossils too?

It’s true, the historic exhibits at the Exhibition Place are more than just a dinosaur museum, but a comprehensive experience that walks you through countless years of evolution and history in Northern BC.

Come face-to-face with live axolotls, which are creatures that have been around for over 140 million years or learn about the mighty sturgeon which has called the rivers around Prince George home since the Cretaceous period.

Jurassic experiences await in Grande Cache

Grande Cache, Alberta

We’ve told you about the incredible mountain adventures in Grande Cache, but one thing you may not know about Grande Cache is the prehistoric ties that this land has waiting for adventure seekers. 

Thanks to the new VR experience at the Grande Cache Tourism Centre you can enter a dinosaur site and witness land that is home to untold numbers of fossils and dinosaur footprints, one of which is on display at the tourism centre too!

Walk in the Tyrannosaurus' Footprints in Tumbler Ridge

Tumbler Ridge, BC

Walk alongside dozens of dinosaur footprints, but not just any footprints, the footprints of the mighty Tyrannosaurus, the king of the dinosaurs, making this a one-of-a-kind experience at the Tumbler Ridge Museum that will create memories lasting a lifetime.

So grab your cameras and strike a pose because your friends won’t have photos like these on their Instagram.

Head to a dino lovers paradise in Drumheller

Drumheller, Alberta

If you’re a true dinosaur lover and want to experience as much as you can in one trip, then we have to recommend the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology as a stop on your next road trip any more!

This museum is home to over 130,000 fossils, yes you read that right! The museum is home to everything from fossils to footprints to life size replicas of Albertosaurus, a close relative of the Tyrannosaurs.

The museum is also home to countless researchers and scientists who are constantly working to bring new, exciting things for your viewing pleasure, which means you might even get to be the first person to witness their next dino discovery! 

Unique dinosaur experience on Vancouver Island

Victoria, BC

If you have a passion for palaeontology, this unique exhibit at the BC Royal Museum in Victoria may be the next adventure for you because it is something you can’t see anywhere else in the world!

The unique exhibit has some great fossils and facts about the region's palaeontology discovered, but the main attraction is “Buster” who is no bigger than a sheep with a long lizard tail and short, parrot-like beak.

Buster was a burrowing herbivore that lived amongst the massive redwood trees of Northern British Columbia over 60 million years ago and you can learn about this unique dinosaur until January 2024, so it's time to plan a trip to Victoria this summer.

Experience the #dinotrail

Planning ahead is going to be your friend as these places can be high traffic during the summer months.

We recommend making a road trip out of the #dinotrail expeditions that we’ve recommended for a well-rounded trip.

For an idea of what to expect, check out the stories on our #dinotrail destinations to learn more about each stop on your trip.

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