ZenSeekers brings you stories from around Alberta and B.C., and in all seasons. We aim to inspire you to get outside and experience transformative travel, from snowshoeing through a boreal forest to kayaking a pristine mountain lake or learning about Indigenous cultures.

Liz Fleming: crayon-coloured kayaks symbolized adventure


Growing up on the St. Lawrence River, gave Liz Fleming the opportunity to dip the paddle into the...

Hiking Hidden Canyon Trail

Harmony behind the lens: Debbie and Greg Olsen


Can there be harmony between a writer and a photographer while out on an assignment? What if the...

Mountain Biking in Nakusp

Crash course on mountain bike photography


I ride a road bike. But what I’m not good at is mountain biking. I need to see an obstacle way in...

Waiting for the right moment creates stunning images


Moss won’t gather and roots wont grow under the feet of Nancy Shields. Just following her on...

Biking in Squamish

Squamish: Is Oh So Turned-On These Days


The absurdly gifted environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy thinks often about ‘sense of place,” that...

A Métis Homecoming: A warm welcome into a storied past


Mesmerized by the powerful and hypnotic beat of the ancient drums, we pull ourselves away from the...

Sheri Landry

Maligne Canyon offers seasonal conversations


When I get too wrapped up in my daily responsibilities, I close my eyes and picture myself outside...

Mission Hill

Food and wine zen in the Okanagan Valley


Our zen hits its zenith when we sip the 2013 Perpetua Chardonnay following a hearty spoonful of the...


Fishing expedition turns into amazing wildlife tour


With fishing lines dipping into the glassy ocean, we sat and waited. Boredom brought the lines up...


Follow a century old trail to Nakusp Hot Springs


Staring at me with sad big brown eyes from inside a chain link pen did the trick.

“Can Annie come...

Highway to Heaven

Walking in Harmony along the Highway to Heaven


Searching for heaven? Pull on your shoes and walk down No. 5 Road in Richmond, BC. No wonder it’s...

Haida Gwaii

Totem Pole raising ceremony in Haida Gwaii


Landing in Sandspit, the main airport to access the village of Queen Charlotte in Haida Gwaii, gave...

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Discovering dinosaurs in Dinosaur Provincial Park


As we pulled our minivan into the parking lot at Dinosaur Provincial Park, we couldn’t help but feel...


Meeting a moose for breakfast


Chris Wheeler says he lives in Whistler but I’m willing to bet he spends more time on the road than...