Chasing waterfalls in gorgeous Wells Gray


Behind the lens with Dax Justin

It was a classic British Columbia day with the morning fog hanging in the air, creating a magical atmosphere and making the colours of autumn seem more vibrant. Moments later the sun would peak through.

That’s the thing I love about B.C.’s weather, it’s always full of surprises, and you just have to learn to roll with the whims of Mother Nature.

It felt like the perfect kind of day for chasing waterfalls in Wells Gray Provincial Park in the Clearwater Valley of east-central B.C.

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Waterfall in Wells Gray
Photo: Dax Justin

Wanting to make the most of our time here, because this is a massive park, we had the help of guides, Chance Breckenridge and Raymond Jones, locals and park ambassadors.

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Our ultimate hiking destination would be Moul Falls, the third highest waterfall in the park. But there are many others here worth checking out, 39 named ones to be exact. That’s why this is one of the most popular parks in the province.The others on our list for the day were Spahats, Helmcken and Dawson, each with its individual beauty, the sheer ruggedness of the rock or the way the trees frame the waterfall.

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But the magic of Moul Falls is that you can walk and stand behind the cascade of falling water, feeling the cool mist and hearing the roar of the water. That’s what I was here for.

We started the hour-long hike along an abandoned road from the trailhead on Clearwater Valley Road, the smell of pine filling the air.

Dew in Wells Gray
Photo: Dax Justin

The trees were so lush because of the rainfall. Closer to the waterfalls, the vegetation feeds off the mist, making the colours that much more intense.

Before we even got to see Moul Falls, we could hear the water crashing over the cliff, from Grouse Creek, 35 metres above. The trail gets narrow and to get to the falls you have to walk down a set of narrow stairs. Walking the slightly tricky trail made the reward of being sprayed by the mist of the waterfall all the more rewarding.

Watching the water burst through the lava rock eroded over thousands of years of made me marvel at the power of nature.

But the real treat was getting behind those waterfalls. It was pure magic. I felt like I had entered a strange land, and just stood there enjoying the mist spray on to my skin. On a hot summer day this would be pure heaven.

Braver than me, Chance and Ray couldn’t help themselves and waded into the chilly water – making for the perfect photo opp!

I had been looking for a wet and wild side of B.C. on this road trip, and I’d found it.

Swimming at Wells Gray
Photo: Dax Justin

If You Go

Fuel up at the Gateway Grill in Clearwater, before setting out for your hike. The restaurant specializes in hearty platters of schnitzel.

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