ZenSeekers brings you stories from around Alberta and B.C., and in all seasons. We aim to inspire you to get outside and experience transformative travel, from snowshoeing through a boreal forest to kayaking a pristine mountain lake or learning about Indigenous cultures.

Conquer the Ridge

Conquer the Ridge – or it’ll conquer you!


“This is one of the tougher routes I run,” says Chris Humphries as we finish warming up. “The hills...

Cypress Hills Biking

Mud, Sweat and Gears


The Cypress Hills rise 600 metres above the surrounding prairies making them the highest point...

Biking in Sooke

Sooke BC- Vancouver Island’s Best Kept Secret


Visiting Sooke felt like being a tourist in my own town. It’s only 45 minutes away from where I grew...

biking on vancouver island

Biking trails on Vancouver Island


Whether it’s coasting past the ocean on a cruiser bike, or experiencing an adrenaline rush while...

Rossland Mountain Biking

Exploring Rossland - Mountain biking single tracks


Tucked away in the Kootenays, Rossland is a buzzing ski town that still has a very quiet off season...

Zen and the art of camping in style


There are so many ways to spend your summer surrounded by the lush greenery, rocky peaks, and...

Cancelled but not forgotten festivals need your support


Cariboo, Kamloops, Prince George and a few spots along the coast are battling with wildfires. Homes...

Sundre Pioneer Village

Wet and wild weekend in Sundre


Nestled in the Foothills, on the Cowboy Trail, Sundre is where you’ll find good old-fashioned...

find your Zen in Waterton National Park

Ten Places to find your Zen in BC and Alberta


For me finding places for Zen often means finding peaceful places to be mostly alone and often...

Discover your Zen in different ways


Sitting in the saddle, cooking in the kitchen or running a trail can bring a sense of self discovery...

Okeefe Ranch

O’Keefe Ranch- A Fun and Fascinating Escape to The Past


By Mark Matthews

Our visit to O’ Keefe Ranch was a first-time ranch experience for me and my...

Silver Star Mountain Bike Park

SilverStar Bike Park - A Rush On Some Terrific Trails


Heading to SilverStar Mountain Resort for the bike park’s opening weekend was even better than I had...


Canada has at least 150 perfect places for sunsets


Something slows us all down when we see a sunset. We walk along a ridge slower, we calm down and...

Canoe Circuit

Reconnect on the Lakeland Canoe Circuit #TakeItToTheLake


Frogs hop under fern leaves as trembling aspen whisper above. Sun filters through the high forest...

ZenSeekers and Adventure Smart ask you be PaddleSmart


The safest water adventures are the smartest ones. When you plan to head out, Canada’s authority on...