Wide open spaces to get lost in Alberta this summer

Andrew Penner

Wide open spaces to get lost in Alberta this summer

Stevie Froese, ZenSeekers

For a lot of us, 2020 has been a whirlwind of social distance anxiety and confusion. Let's change that. Get lost in Alberta's wide-open, outdoor havens close to home to recharge and rejuvenate your soul.

We, at ZenSeekers, recommend following your region's advice on road trips, travel and park usage. If you're not a local, you can use these ideas as a virtual getaway until it's safe to travel - these places are worth the wait! 


Southeast Alberta

Medicine Hat
Andrew Penner

Approx. 3 hours southeast of Calgary

As the sun dipped below the western horizon, the cloud-streaked sky turned crimson red. To the north and south, shades of pink, purple, and orange added some extra warmth to the final glow.

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Southwest Alberta

Crowsnest Pass
Andrew Penner

Approx. 2.5 hours south of Calgary

While the hike to the top of Turtle Mountain is certainly a bucket list activity in the Crowsnest Pass, it’s one of many awesome adventures in this mountain-filled region in the southwest corner of the province.

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East-Central Alberta

Doc Pow

Approx. 2 hours east of Edmonton

Pack your fishing rod, a tent, and your watercraft of choice, because the park located in the Vermilion River Valley stretching for 14 kilometres, includes a fully-serviced campground with 98 sites and a stocked trout pond.

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Northeast Alberta

Approx. 3 hours northeast of Edmonton

It’s incredible when you start to think about how many different activities involve water. Paddleboarding, kayaking or Flyboarding in the summer. Get yourself lake side and uncover a whole bunch of action that awaits.

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Wood Buffalo

Northern Lights
Robert Murray

Approx. 4.5 hours north of Edmonton.

The allure of the elusive Aurora. Like a moody diva, she may or may not decide to dance for you. But out here, it’s clear and the constellations have taken their place in the sky like actors on a giant black velvet stage.

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