Reconciliation and Understanding Through Travel


For many Canadians, 2021 has been an eyeopener in many ways. 

Many of us knew of injustice towards our Indigenous brothers and sisters, however, many looked the other way. For those looking forward to a future that is an all-inclusive Canada, hit the road and travel. There’s no better way to understand and appreciate this land's Indigenous connections than by experiencing an Indigenous travel experience.

Set your compass to a path for reconciliation, gain perspective and understanding; just go travel. Here is a round-up to some of ZenSeekers’ most popular Indigenous travel coverage.


Indigenous Tourism Alberta will support your reconciliation interests, offering a roundup of local experiences available to any traveller.

#CampMetisCrossing – support Canada’s newest Indigenous attraction, Métis Crossing – 1.5 hours north of Edmonton. Camp in a trapper’s tent, learn from indigenous interpreters and take it to the water via their Paddle into the Past adventure.

This is what your summer adventure could look like. This is what your winter adventure could look like.

Lac La Biche offers a host of original experiences, including some time at Hideaway Adventures, as referenced in this coverage to the region’s cultural connections.


British Columbia

Similar to their Alberta counterpart, Indigenous Tourism BC makes supporting BC’s Indigenous visitor economy easy.

Kiixin is one of the world’s leading Indigenous heritage sites.  Kiixin is an ancient village dating back over 5,500 years where Huu-ay-aht knowledge keepers take you into the site via a guided experience.  Take a sunset tour and come back transformed.

Tla-o-qui-aht’s Tribal Parks is a world leading example in laying title and claim to land that this first nation references as their “ancient gardens.”  Learn from Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, who encompasses Vancouver Island’s Tofino, via a hike into history via their Big Tree Trail

Support Toquaht First Nation’s rise in realizing the power of the visitor economy by staying at Camp Secret Beach. Experience a sunrise or sunset paddle. Check-in for an authentic island experience.

Future Forward

Canada’s residential school system, working to assimilate and decimate our countries’ original inhabitants, has left deep psychological scars across our home; for many of us Canada Day 2021 was cancelled and gave us time to reflect on past misjudgments.

We, at ZenSeekers, get excited when we learn of the over 400,000 people who have signed up for University of Alberta’s Indigenous Canada course since early June 2021. If you haven’t had the chance to take it yet, please do. It’s offered free as an audit course. Learn more here.

Travel opens opportunities on both sides of the equation. While you gain from the experience, the money you spend on Indigenous small businesses and communities helps rebuild their language and culture.  Through the rest of 2021, ZenSeekers challenges you to hit the road and reconcile through travel.   

Book something today from the list of experiences above or find your own Indigenous experience, your new self and a more connected Canada thanks you.

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