Farmer’s Markets are more than carrots and crafts


Farmer’s Markets are more than carrots and crafts

Michele Leyenaar

Spring is a time for renewal, growth and getting back out in the garden.

Taking up a new hobby, like arts and crafts, cooking or creating a fairy garden might also be on your spring inspiration list.

If this sounds like it’s up your alley, what better place to find inspiration than your local farmer’s market?

Here’s how to make the best of your market shopping.

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The Outdoors 

During the winter months, it’s possible your local farmer’s market moves inside, but in the spring and summer months there’s nothing quite like seeing the outdoor market buzz with people as well as the bees and butterflies floating around the wholesome goodness that makes up the market.

The fresh air plus the singing of birds, the hum of people enjoying themselves and the glow of sunshine is sure to have you embracing all that farmer’s markets have to offer. Somehow being outside just makes everyone relax.

And talk about a market with a view – The Naniamo Downtown Farmers’ Market is located right on the waterfront on the Pioneer Waterfront Plaza in the heart of town. Enjoy the view along with a giant array of produce, baked goods and crafts every Friday From early June to mid-September. Learn more about Vancouver Island here.

Open-air markets 

You must admit that children are the best at creative feats. So, why not take your kids with you to the market to have their faces painted, splash in the waterparks and get in on some hands-on crafts? Many open-air markets have more than just vendors. They often include live music which will only add to the energy that kids already exude.

Take for instance the Farmers Market in Vernon, B.C., they send the market outside from late April through October. Every Monday and Thursday over 100 growers and artisans offer everything from fresh baking to that farm fresh Okanagan fruit as it ripens throughout the summer. Learn more here.

Specialty markets 

Don’t forget about the markets where professionals shop! Chefs, artisans and farmers often find their own inspiration from farmer’s markets. The melding of those great minds is awesome. Get in on some conversations and learn from the pros. Many specialty markets also have off-the-cuff vendors that you might not see at ‘regular’ markets, or vendors that bring along unique produce and arts. Try Vancouver’s Main Street Station Farmers Market.

If you are in Medicine Hat, every Thursday from 4:30 – 8:30 pm from May through August stop in and grab a bite to eat while picking up fresh produce for the weekend. There’s even a cash bar and live music to kick-off your weekend in style. Find out more about Medicine Hat.

Large Markets 

Several outdoor markets also span across a large area – take Saturdays in Penticton, for example, where two farmer’s markets collaborate to cover four city blocks! You can get your exercise in while shopping for neat gifts and finding creative stimulation.

Whatever your tastes, farmers markets are great places to sample, excite your senses with colour and aroma and learn something new while conversing with the producers. Not only will you come away with fresh and organic food, you’ll come away with inspirational ideas on how to use them.

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