Northern lights aurora photography snowmobile Paul Lavoie

Five eye-catching aurora spots in Western Canada


Seeing the crown of the aurora dancing above my head, rippling green, yellow and orange, I was...

Metis Crossing paddling canoe fall colours Rob Hislop ZenSeekers

Find fall adventure on this Northeast Alberta road trip


With autumn weather that is often warmer and more predictable than in the mountains, fall is a great...

Metis Crossing Tales by the Fire Metis experience Paul Lavoie ZenSeekers

Road trip through history in northeast Alberta


Short drives between destinations full of history, beautiful boreal forest, lakes and scenic prairie...

Cold Lake AB French Bay campground Bonnyville

3 ways to kick back with camping lakeside in Bonnyville


Brunch, beach and camp lakeside in Bonnyville for an eastern Alberta lake camping adventure that...

Cooling off on a road trip through northeast Alberta

Road Tripping Northeast Alberta


What makes a great roadtrip? With abundant lakes, wide open spaces and hidden gems in a short...

Sunset from the Journey North Cider Co. patio.

Recharge and chill in Bonnyville


In the fiery glow of a prairie sunset, seen from the balcony of Journey North Cider Co., the trio of...

A couple in the sun on a boat in Cold Lake

Discovering Zen on Cold Lake - Get out on the water to escape deadlines, headlines and lineups


Vast as Cold Lake is, you don’t have to go far to find fish. In just over an hour, Greg and Lisa...

A family kayaks on the lake in MD Bonnyville

Pie and possibility - Becoming a kid again in the M.D. of Bonnyville


Dewy purple and magenta bursts of berries hang pendulously from the branches of eight-foot high...

Seekers Media and Partners Win National Collaboration Marketing Award for #TakeItToTheLake Tourism Campaign


Seekers Media and its partners have won the Marketing Canada Award by the Economic Developers...


Action Awaits Cold Lake Side


It’s incredible when you start to think about how many different activities involve water. That...

Picnic Northern Alberta

6 perfect places to picnic in Northern Alberta


The sun is out, the weather's great, and the vibes are good. Want to keep those vibes up? One of the...

Crane Lake

#TakeItToTheLake in Bonnyville and Get Happy


Crane Lake, M.D. of Bonnyville - We all know we need more happy in our lives and you can find it on...

Hamilton House B&B

Fishing adventures on Cold Lake #TakeItToTheLake


Brian Hamilton, our captain, tells the tale of the Kinosoo, or “big fish” for which Cold Lake is...

Moose Lake Jet Ski

Stoked & soaked in Bonnyville’s jet ski playground


My heart thumps rapidly as I start the Sea-Doo’s ignition. It’s my first time jet skiing and I’m...

Wicked Watersports

Beach and board #TakeItToTheLake


Flying high over the waves, Nathalie Senez takes a plunging dive. Momentarily, she pops up again...