Action Awaits Cold Lake Side


It’s incredible when you start to think about how many different activities involve water. That might be skiing or snowboarding in the winter, to paddleboarding, kayaking or flyboarding in the summer.

But what is flyboarding? If you guessed snowboarding and flying, you are right. But now the question is, are you ready to try it? Get yourself lake side to North East Alberta’s Cold Lake and uncover a whole bunch of action that awaits.

Watch Action Awaits Cold Lake Side on YouTube.

Meet Ray Cowell, a former member of the Royal Canadian Air Force based in Cold Lake , Alberta for over 18 years, encouraging everyone to reward themselves and #TakeItToTheLake.

#TakeItToTheLake, action awaits lakeside

Cowell is the founder of Wicked Watersports having shown over 5,000 people just how to #TakeItToTheLake, and over 100 of them have hit the skies with him on the flyboard.

“Early 2010s, I owned property across from our epic beach here in Cold Lake, Kinosoo. But my daughter had nothing to do, so working with Community Futures and their entrepreneur start-up business program, we launched this water-craft rental business right on the shores of this incredible beach,” says Cowell.

Photo: Doc Pow
Ray Cowell in his domain, on the beach.

Wicked Watersports is only one of a string of businesses found lakeside, in the MD of Bonnyville’s Cold Lake. And it’s not just businesses like Wicked Watersports or Johnny Waffle’s that will keep you stoked, get in on the zip line, the splash park, full-service marina and lakeside volleyball and basketball courts. As you can see in the video above, those businesses and amenities like the MD of Bonnyville Campground right next door are here to keep you stoked however you want to #TakeItToTheLake.

For Calgary-based ZenSeekers’ video producer Vince Varga, this was his second visit to the region. “Being in the Bow Valley, Canmore or Banff, a lot of this is certainly different than what I am used to but it’s so peaceful, so wild here.

His adventures at Cold Lake “almost reminded me a little bit of Salmon Arm or Sicamous,” Varga says. “I guess you could say the area is like Alberta’s Okanagan, minus the mountains, but (with a) similar lakeside vibe. I find Cold Lake is almost upscale in a way with all the different shops and everything right on the water.”

Wicked Watersports, and all of the lakeside vibes are yours to enjoy through September.


Have a group and need an epic experience? Head to Cold Lake through September and book Wicked Watersports’ 10-person pontoon boat, just like these guys did for their bachelor party. And yes, some of you are welcome to hit the skies because Cowell is just itching to send you flying.

“We are the last Flyboard operation operating in Alberta, so people are welcome anytime to get out and try it,” he says.

Use the hashtag #LiveLifeOutside, Cowell and all his Cold Lake colleagues invite you to #TakeItToTheLake.

Watch Canadian Flyboard Record Set - Full Film - An ABFB and CJA Presentation on YouTube.

The MD of Bonnyville’s Adventure Guide will set your compass for Cold Lake and many other water-filled destinations and events in the region.

The MD’s site will also help you book accommodations in the Cold Lake region including information on their array of lake side campgrounds (note: Cold Lake and Kinosoo Beach are pretty much one and the same)

For more about how you and your crew can #TakeItToTheLake, search the hashtag on any social media channel for inspiration or to learn more. Let us know what you find. Please use the tag on your travels so we can engage, and you might just be featured on our social media channels.

ZenSeekers #TakeItToTheLake Expedition is in partnership with Travel Alberta and the MD of Bonnyville.


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