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As the sun dipped below the western horizon, the cloud-streaked sky turned crimson red. To the north and south, shades of pink, purple, and orange added some extra warmth to the final glow.

The trail dips and dives through the coulee, along the heaving banks above the mighty Oldman River, and I've got to have my “A” game. One wrong turn, one tactical error, and I'll have a close encounter with thistle and sage.

Halfway down Turtle Mountain both my legs and lungs started sending signals to my brain that something wasn't quite right. Call it fatigue. Lactic acid build-up. Over exertion.

It’s incredible when you start to think about how many different activities involve water. That might be skiing or snowboarding in the winter, to paddle boarding, kayaking or flyboarding in the summer. What is Flyboarding? If you guessed snowboarding and flying, you are right. But now the question is, are you ready to try it?

My instructions were clear and concise. At 6:30 a.m. be at the front gate. “We've only got one chance at this,” said Brad Bustard, owner of Thanksgiving Lodge & Ranch, an idyllic Alberta ranch located approximately 20 minutes outside of Pincher Creek.

#ExploreLethbridge this season to make your endless summer spirit come alive.

The Sik-Ooh-Kotoki Friendship Society (SFS) is celebrating its 50th anniversary all year at the Exhibition Park South Pavilion. Indigenous people from across North America have come to participate in such activities as a powwow and Indian relay races, another of which will be held in September. 

When I think of Lethbridge, Alberta I recall my time there with endless memories. Driving from Calgary to Lethbridge and shaving off time by going the “Granum” way, living on the West Side, wearing Von Dutch hats while strutting through the halls of the University.

Splitting cracks echo in the poplar woods around us, as John Ritchie and Winston and Christina Desjarlais break long sticks down to uniform size to begin the structural supports of a lean-to shelter. Using the sticks they form tripod supports, one on each end, to prop up the cross beam.

Ever eaten a fire ant? That’s the question Dragan Uzelac has posed to Maranda Cardinal and her friend Taissya Reutov. The two women pause, unsure if Uzelac is joking. He’s not.