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Whitecourt, AB — Just under a two-hour drive west of Edmonton, a cultural transformation is underway in the town of Whitecourt, Alberta. Now don’t get me wrong, Whitecourt has always been known for its entertainment options, I remember being here over a decade ago for one of North America’s biggest snowmobile invasions, but now the community is taking their enjoyment interests to bigger heights.  A new brewery, continued trail investment and an events and festivals focus—designed to elevate Whitecourt’s festival destination appeal —are driving new excitement in the community. 

“There was certainly a buzz while we were in town,” explains Dallas Corbin, who joined ZenSeekers for a recent shoot, during Party In The Park. “The town was alive given the festival happening. Normally an event like that would come with a ticket price, but not in Whitecourt.” How cool is that?

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For those visiting the Town of Whitecourt they'll recognize that this is a community who takes great pride in creating experiences to further its interests as a hub for events, and they’ve renamed Rotary Park into Festival Park for good reason.

For those who were there in June for the Party In The Park—the annual free music festival happening in Festival Park—you for sure caught some of this new buzz sounding in the community. 

Whitecourt Party in the Park Darrel Comeau ZenSeekers
Photo: Darrel Comeau
Whitecourt events are generating a new buzz in the community.

And expect more to come, including the launch of their re-imagined Summer Street Fest this August.

“An events buzz drives community spirit. Coming out of Party In The Park for example, which couldn’t have been done without the annual group volunteers and the sponsors—that buzz keeps the community spirit going,” says Andrew Malmquist Arts & Culture Coordinator for the Town of Whitecourt.

Check out Whitecourt's burgeoning arts and culture scene, at Street Fest this August

Whitecourt’s next event is the Summer Street Fest, happening August 10.

“Our organizing team does a great job building a diverse lineup of entertainers from a variety of music genres, as well as a mix of local and national talent.  Between the music and activities, there really is something for people of all ages to enjoy,” says Whitecourt Mayor Tom Pickard.

Photo: Darrel Comeau
Enjoying a pint post-festival at the new Sagitawah Brewery in Whitecourt.

Meantime, downtown Whitecourt has welcomed a new anchor attraction: Sagitawah Brewing Company, which popped up late 2022. 

Add Whitecourt Street Fest to your event calendar, this August

The brewery’s founder Clayton Chartrand, who grew up here since he was five, is a living example of the community evolution its’ going through, new opportunities coming from theses continued entertainment investments Whitecourt is making.

“Sagitawah is known as an Indigenous word for this area, a place where the rivers meet," Chartrand explains. 

"The Athabasca, McLeod, Eagle and Sakawatamau rivers all flow into this valley.”

Sagitawah Brewing Company is the perfect après destination post a hike or a little, river float, snowmobile run, or shopping trip.

Tourism Whitecourt invites you to explore the offerings and services just a walk from the Brewery to fill your cup with their wide array of unique retail therapy options.

All of which feeds into the unique vibe you feel, when you check out Whitecourt's cultural scene. Get ready to ride the Whitecourt wave!

Whitecourt Trails Darrel Comeau ZenSeekers
Photo: Darrel Comeau
Whitecourt's extensive trails connect you from downtown to nature within minutes.

When you go

You'll be amazed with all there is to do when you #explorewhitecourt. This town is bustling with events and outdoor activities. Get to know Whitecourt better, via Whitecourt Tourism and the Whitecourt Tourism Visitor Guide.

Whitecourt Street Fest 
Get more details on the event here.

Where to stay 
Whitecourt Tourism is brushing off the welcome mat, ready for your arrival; hit their website where they make it easy to find your accommodations

Where to play
Stroll their extensive trail network through Festival Park or Centennial Park and you can have a look at those bike and walking paths here.

As you will read about in this profile we did on the community last year on its outdoor scene, the Whitecourt Golf and Country Club is always on to provide a guaranteed hole in one of an experience.

For the full list of attractions and experiences waiting in Whitecourt, head over to the town's tourism section of its website. Economic Development Whitecourt offers a directory to the unique businesses and services for while you are in town and you’ll find this roster here.

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