What is Optimism?


By Doc Pow (aka Jim Barr)

In today’s world, being positive just keeps getting harder. The reality is we are moving through some dark days. Being optimistic means that, yes, these are challenging times, but there is a brighter future on the other side of it all.

In all of the reading I’ve been doing on the topic, Simon Sinek, in my view, really sums it up beautifully.

#ZenSeekers welcomes you to a brighter 2021 with these 5 steps.

1. Wear bright, wear light so that the light can shine in

You can help be the light by your clothing choices.  Give your darker wardrobe a rest. Trade in the black, brown, navy blue for something bright, colourful, and cheery. You'll feel the cheerful effect and so will others that see you in person, or on a video call.

2. Be the hero of your own journey

Perhaps its time to pick up a new hobby, learn a language online or build your family tree.  People have been using the hashtag #ImOptimistic to share their story on Twitter. Join in and celebrate the good things in your life.

3. Appreciate and tap into your community

Call your grandparents every Saturday, (or whatever day works for you) and check in with your folks on the regular, connect with a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, and be kind. Write a fun letter and send it in the mail. It's a sure way to lift your spirits too.

4. Buy local and support small businesses

Listen to Dave Mathews, who challenges us to buy local and support the small businesses you love at a time when they really need us.  Check out how Dave talks about the art of paying it forward right now and what that means to keep your community vibrant of all those funky places you love to spend time in.


5. Be confident knowing your environment is going to be OK

Optimism leaves a light on, reminds you that life isn't going to be like this forever. In the meantime, there are experiences you can have close to home, like this list in Calgary from Travel Alberta.

Optimism can be achieved through many things, skiing, hiking, biking or even just learning to sit still, while one of the most responsive forms is through connection.  As the world spins in new ways, catch a wave by joining a new online group or by taking on a few of our suggestions above.

Make a friend's day, please share this page and let us know what you find #ZenSeekers #ImOptimistic

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