Surf, Work, Repeat: Your Oceanfront Life at Tin Wis Resort, Tofino


Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation/Tofino – Oceanfront, community and connection to the surf is what your office can look like starting tomorrow.

Tla-o-qui-a-ht First Nation's oceanside Tin Wis Resort is looking to hire people who are seeking work that connects them to adventure, community and lifestyle. Just down the trail from downtown Tofino, BC, the popular Vancouver Island tourism destination, the Tin Wis Resort on Mackenzie Beach offers a unique work setting.

Working here will mean you are worlds away from what anyone could call an “office job.” If you are smart, professional and ready to work, the folks at Tin Wis Resort would like to speak with you.

With a momentum-building regular paycheque also comes some great perks – including a surf pass, an oceanfront work environment (every room at this resort has an ocean view) and new community connections.

When you work here, you are supporting the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, a community which is thousands of years old.

Alie Mancuso, front desk manager for the Tin Wis Resort, says she works here because she finds community in something that is important. “You are part of a community (working) for a greater cause.” 

Alie Mancuso, front desk manager, loves working at Tin Wis for the community and the lifestyle.

By day, you can crush waves that are a three-minute walk from the front desk, and then head to work helping support the Tla-o-qui-aht presence in the community. Work and surf as much as you want, and know you are lifting up yourself in two ways: through the swell as you surf and by being a part of an ancient community.

Tin Wis Resort is hiring in all departments, so please be a good aunt or uncle and share this with the family. The resort, which has 85 newly renovated resort rooms set on Mackenzie Beach, is hiring for housekeeping, front desk, maintenance and breakfast attendants, who serve up one of the best hotel spreads on Vancouver Island.

Work oceanside and be part of community at Tin Wis Resort.

“Right away you become part of the family,” says Curtis Mason, breakfast cook and attendant. “We all lift each other up anyway we can; co-workers at work but family outside of work. Those that come work here, they start out friends and they become family really quick.”

Sunset on Mackenzie Beach, Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, Tofino BC
Photo: Kyler Vos
Staff spending some quality time beachside with "family" at Tin Wis.

Working at the ocean comes with surf pass perks

Besides having your work feed into a meaningful cause, the perks at Tin Wis are pretty rad. A surf pass is included for team members at Tin Wis. Tofino Paddle Surf offers surf lessons from Mackenzie Beach in front of the Tin Wis Resort.

All you have to do is pick up your free board rental, walk to the beach, rip up some waves, drop the board off and head to work with a big grin. It’s that simple.

Work and surf at your new oceanfront office at Tin Wis Resort. Apply today!

Tin Wis is a Tla-o-qui-aht word meaning “calm waters.” Of course, the waters are anything but calm when the tide is rolling in and Mackenzie Beach transforms into its own unique surf scene.

“The spirit and the vibe here are something to experience,” says Mancuso. “Where else can you surf to work?”

Surfing Tin Wis Resort, Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, Tofino BC Kyler Vos
Photo: Kyler Vos
At Tin Wis, you can surf to work.

Tin Wis Resort brings community and purpose to daily work

The Tin Wis Resort was one of the founding Tla-o-qui-aht Tribal Parks Allies, which ZenSeekers has written about. One per cent of Tin Wis Resort’s proceeds goes into Tribal Parks Allies, meaning when you work here, your energy helps support land protection and restoration, while building Tla-o-qui-aht presence across its homelands.

“The reason I work here is because it’s my home,” says Leo Torres-Clark, Tin Wis Resort housekeeper. Among his co-workers, Torres-Clark is known for his signature line - “I’m living the dream”when someone asks how he’s doing. 

Not a lot of people can say that in their daily work life. But maybe you can experience your dream life by joining Team Tin Wis today - a place where culture and community click.

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