SilverStar Hiking - Taking in The Sights


Summer at SilverStar: Taking the slower hiking route has its scenic rewards


SilverStar is famous in the summer for its ridiculously fun bike park, but the hiking is often overlooked by the large influx of people who come up just to ride.

This was my third time at the resort in the summer and first time on the hiking trails. We had the opportunity to sample everything, from the bike park to the scenic hiking loops. We were blessed with beautiful Okanagan weather and saw the resort from a whole new perspective. Hiking up to the peak at sunrise was one of my favourite moments all weekend!

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Hiking at SilverStar
Photo: Mark Matthews

The vibe of the village is so fun; it’s small but has everything you need. The quick hike to the top of the Summit chair provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape.

We arrived Saturday evening with a few minutes to spare to zip up on the Summit chair. This is a great option for those who are short on time and appreciate a gorgeous view.

It was easy to get into the groove here. The vibes at SilverStar are slow paced and relaxing. We felt like we had been teleported into a little mountain paradise for the weekend. The epic setting, colourful quaint village, and chill staff make you feel at home. To visit a mountain with such a strong community, plus a laid-back atmosphere is truly awesome. I can understand why much of the staff has been here for 10-plus years.

Many people might not know this, but the hiking at SilverStar is free if you opt out of a chairlift ride. But the boost to the top is a good option if you’re on a time crunch. From the village you can explore a vast network of excellent trails to the summit with no pass needed. My personal favourite was the Attridge Scenic Loop.

Hiking at SilverStar
Photo: Mark Matthews

Hiking Silver Star’s scenic loop trail at Sunrise offers amazing views looking down towards Okanagan Lake.

These trails are proof you don’t need to be into mountain biking to enjoy your time here in the summer. It's a great excuse to come up, explore the village, experience the trails, and stay the night. The network is quite impressive; there are 16 kilometres of trails - far exceeding my expectations. I’d been here before for the bike park - but when you’re focused on ripping down bike trails, it’s hard to take in all the beautiful surroundings.

After a quick evening hike, we enjoyed some drinks and a meal at The Bulldog. We were conveniently staying a stone’s throw away at the Snow Bird Lodge. There are also an additional 26 hotels and motels in Vernon.

That's what is so great about the village. It may be small, but it has everything you need. Our Saturday evening hike and dinner was just what we needed to wind down after a jam-packed day of adventures.

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SilverStar Mountain Resort is located 22 km from Vernon, B.C. There are 9 on-mountain hotels and lodges and a variety of chalets and condos. Five food and beverage outlets are perfect for that day on the trails.

For more information about the biking trails at SilverStar Mountain Resort check out the resort web page here.

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