SilverStar Bike Park - A Rush On Some Terrific Trails



Heading to SilverStar Mountain Resort for the bike park’s opening weekend was even better than I had hoped for, and my expectations were high.It was just the start of summer after a long snowy winter in B.C., so I was prepared for muddy trails surrounded by walls of snow. Instead, we were treated with perfect tacky conditions and even dust in some spots!

The weather was ideal, 90 per cent of the bike park was open already, and my riding buddies were an awesome mix of new and old friends from around the world. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

This place is magical. The mountain is so beautiful and unique and the trails are top notch. The smooth yet fast terrain, endless flow, and nice mix of technical trails has me craving for more every time I leave. I just love the Okanagan, particularly the Shuswap Highland region surrounding Vernon.

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The SilverStar Mountain Resort bike park holds a special place in my heart. The last time I had a full day of riding here was in 2012, when hosted its AIRPrentice contest, which I won. Winning that contest was a turning point for me; my first step at becoming a professional athlete.

When flowing down these ridiculously fun trails I can’t help but to have a smile on my face; it brings back nothing but good memories. I've been anticipating a return for some time and this was a great opportunity to do it in the best way possible! My girlfriend and I were greeted with an amazing room at the Snowbird Lodge, perfect trails and ideal weather. Like I said – perfect.

Silver Star Mountain Bike Park
Photo: Mark Matthews

As Canada’s second largest bike park, it's hard to get bored at SilverStar Mountain Resort. There are more than 100 kilometres of downhill and cross-country trails, and a new 35-kilometre loop called Beowulf opening this summer. The trail crew is famous for their addicting, super fun, fast corners that literally hook you in.

Silver Star Mountain Bike Park
Photo: Mark Matthews

I was on the chairlift talking with other riders about my experience here and my love for the trails, and someone mentioned how the berm count in the park is up to 700. Wow, 700 berms? That is epic! They have really put to good use the perfect grade and mould-able dirt that the landscape provides them with.

Silver Star Mountain Bike Park
Photo: Mark Matthews

During my day in the bike park, I connected with my Australian friend, Pete Arnold, who I met in Peru last April. He is currently taking six months off work to tour the world in search of the best mountain biking. SilverStar bike park was one of his top destinations when coming to British Columbia. I also ran into a former riding buddy from my hometown who is working on the trail crew. It was really cool connecting with new friends and old familiar faces all in one awesome place.

Fast Facts about SilverStar Mountain Resort bike park

It's open from mid-June to early September and has more than 125 kilometres combined cross-country and downhill trails that attract every ability level. A high-speed bike chairlift offers downhill riders easy access to the top where trails looking like a spider web drop down the slopes.

Terrain: 15% easy, 40% more difficult, 45% most difficult.

Watch SilverStar Mountain Bike Park with @MarkyMath on YouTube.

SilverStar Mountain Resort is located 22 km from Vernon, B.C. There are nine on-mountain hotels and lodges and a variety of chalets and condos. Five food and beverage outlets make a great way to end a day on the trails. There are also an additional 26 hotels and motels in Vernon.

For more information about the biking trails at SilverStar Mountain Resort check out the resort web page here.

Tourism Vernon wants you to Activate Life this summer and explore, start here.

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