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My first experience in Rossland was for the BC Enduro Series race in July 2016. This was an accidental trip in a sense that I was surprised to be entered into the race. I arrived late, grabbed a hotel room at the Prestige, and laid down on my bed wondering just how the weekend would go.

I was fresh off an injury and unsure about what I was getting into. I had never raced an enduro before. But when I dropped into the trails up Red Mountain, the terrain blew me away. Nice dirt, perfect grade, and amazing turns.

This is the ultimate recipe for a first- time shred!

Use the code "3FOR2" and get 3 nights at the Prestige Mountain Resort for the price of 2

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Biking in Rossland BC
Photo: Mark Matthews

Easily pedal from the town centre to the trails.

Almost exactly one year later I’m back with a big grin on my face. I again made the Prestige Mountain Resort my basecamp. The hotel is located right on the main strip in town which is super convenient for cruising our bikes around town and checking out local food and shops while taking a mid-day break from shooting video. There's also an onsite gym and hot tub where I like to head at the end of the day on the trails.

I was buzzing with excitement over Rossland Round 2. Only this time my mission wasn’t to race, but to find my new favourite trail.

Prestige hotel in Rossland
Photo: Mark Matthews

The Prestige accommodates cyclists nicely with its underground parking and locked bike storage.

Tucked away in the Kootenays, this buzzing ski town transforms into a single-track paradise throughout the summer months. Rossland is a hidden gem which keeps the trails fresh and abundant. The mountain bike scene here is alive and well with an amazing variety of trails. Perhaps some popular enduro races and events that have rolled through town in the past few years have increased the traffic to the trails. But it still manages to keep its small, quaint vibe. 

Biking in Rossland BC
Photo: Mark Matthews

The diverse terrain makes it nearly impossible to get bored.

Here are some of my tips on how to go mountain biking in Rossland:

1. Pop into Revolution Cycles and introduce yourself to the community. This super friendly bike shop will be more than happy to share some of their favourite places in town with you. If you’re lucky you might even get invited out on a group ride!

Biking in Rossland BC
Photo: Mark Matthews

Who doesn’t love rock slabs? Rossland has plenty to ride.

2. Download Trail Forks and you’ll see that the whole town is surrounded by an extensive trail network. There’s so much to ride, from Red Mountain to Deer Park Hill. Even the famous 7 Summits isn’t far down the road. For more information about the trail system, make sure you check out Tourism Rossland's website.

3. If you’re here in the peak summer season, bring goggles! As I learned last year, the dirt is amazing but if you hit the trails in the middle of dry season it’s like floating on powdery dust! You’re going to want to keep your eyes protected.

Biking in Rossland BC
Photo: Mark Matthews

Dirt surfing through the dusty loam.

4. Reach out to Kootenay Gateway. Even if you don't need a lesson, they will be keen to offer you a guide, shuttle service and make sure you have lots of fun. Getting shown around by the local experts is always a wise choice.

5. Finish off your ride with a dip in the lake at Nancy Green Provincial Park. This spot is beautiful! Head to the left of the parking lot and you will see the ultimate rope swing. Rossland also has an amazing variety of food options and the Alpine Grind is one of the best coffee shops in the Kootenays. For amazing and sustainable fine dining, visit Idge's Restaurant.

For more awesome information about Rossland, make sure to check out Tourism Rossland's official website.

Book in for an adventure in Rossland. The Prestige Mountain Resort makes the perfect basecamp.  Call 250 362 7375 and ask for Mark's special offer. 

Watch Exploring Rossland with Mark Matthews on YouTube.

Mark Matthews is a professional mountain biker who has competed on an international level, as well as being a leader in community development for sports enthusiasts. 

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