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Paradise in Lethbridge: A golfing getaway for players of all ages

Story by Kenton de Jong

Paradise Canyon Golf Resort opened almost three decades ago, but in the summer of 2018, it became a household name. This summer it played host to the PGA MacKenzie Tour, one of the most prestigious golf tours in the world, and the allure of the course appeared in households across the world.  

Why Paradise Canyon was chosen to host this distinguished event became clear as I drove down the coulee into the course grounds. Over millions of years Oldman River has carved a winding path on the edge of Lethbridge. The resulting coulee is now one of the largest urban parks in North America, giving residents plenty of places to walk, hike, canoe, kayak and golf. Along with people, this valley is full of wildlife. In my brief few hours there, I saw over a dozen deer, some close enough to touch, and was warned countless times about rattlesnakes. The whole area was paradise incarnate; an oasis of rolling hills, cliffs, trees and courses. It’s any golfer’s dream come true.

Looking for a golfing getaway? Lethbridge is your perfect place to stay and play!

Photo: Paula Worthington

Climbing the stairs can be quite challenging

Along with being beautiful, the course is technologically advanced. The golf carts throughout the grounds are electric and are created specifically to handle the rugged terrain. The golf carts are guided via GPS and will force the driver to slow down around tight corners, steep hills and stop-signs. If these break down, an emergency signal is sent back to the golfing lodge and a maintenance worker is sent out instantly.

Of all the holes at the course, the most picturesque are Hole 5 and Hole 12. Hole 5 points north, up the coulee, showcasing the towering Lethbridge Viaduct. Hole 12 points south, down into the valley and towards the most breath-taking views at the course. Hole 12 one of the few holes that require golfers to climb stairs before they can play – and the more experienced you are, the higher you’re welcome to climb.

Although Paradise Canyon Golf Resort is PGA worthy, the average golfer might be looking for a more casual place to play. Thankfully, there are several courses throughout Lethbridge, such as the family-friendly Evergreen Golf Centre. Here you will find a variety of golfers, from children at the mini-putt course to young adults in the driving range to confident players on the course. Like Paradise, Evergreen offers a myriad of different holes for players to enjoy, many of which wind around streams, ponds and in between sand pits.

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Photo: Paula Worthington

A little go-karting and mini-golf for the whole family

Once you’re done golfing at Evergreen, strap on a helmet and hit the go-kart tracks just next to the driving range. These go-karts are single or double-seated and zip around the track at a maximum of thirty kilometres an hour. With barriers surrounding the track, it’s a safe and thrilling place to take out your frustration after losing your last ball to a pond on the final hole.

Both Paradise and Evergreen are open to the public without a membership, but both have programs in place for frequent golfers. Regardless of your experience and level of golfing, either of these courses make Lethbridge the perfect place golf before the season ends.

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