1 day-itinerary - Explore the river valley of Lethbridge


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A ZenSeekers' road trip isn't complete unless the destinations include outdoor adventures, and culinary, learning and cultural experiences. Create your #BucketlistAB itinerary in Southern Alberta..

Getting To Lethbridge

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Drive from Calgary: It’s about a two-hour drive south on the AB-2 S.

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Drive from Edmonton: It’s about a five-hour drive south on the AB-2 S.

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Drive from Regina: It’s about a six-hour drive west on the Trans-Canada Hwy/SK-1 W.

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MorningGet a nature lesson at Helen Schuler Nature Centre

Start off your morning in Lethbridge by learning about the city’s ecology. Visit the Helen Schuler Nature Centre, an admission-free nature preservation with interactive exhibits to discover the area’s local animals, insects, rivers and lakes, and more. Head to the rooftop gardens for a spectacular view of the city’s landscape.

Mid-morning – Explore the city at a leisurely pace

Just beyond the Nature Centre, there are many walking trails to explore. The trails are dedicated to those who want to discover the area at a leisurely pace without bikes zooming by. Stop and check out the dramatic view of the Lethbridge Viaduct – also known as High Level Bridge, the longest and highest trestle bridge in the world. Another cool feature of the trails are the cacti found along many of the pathways, an unusual sight in Canada.

Lunch – Enjoy a picnic at Indian Battle Park

In the afternoon, stock up on snacks and then head to Indian Battle Park for a picnic lunch. The park, located in Oldman River Valley, offers gorgeous views of tall grasses, trees, and the trestle bridge in the background. The park also has plenty of activities to check out, like beach volleyball, biking, rollerblading, and more.

Mid-afternoon – Explore the city’s cycling trails

After lunch, explore some of the city’s other trails on two wheels. Cycle through Botterill Bottom Park, the perfect destination for nature and fitness enthusiasts. The park has plenty of flora and fauna to explore, like cottonwood trees, several species of birds, and beavers that like to roam the area from time to time. Check out the Mountain Bike Park where you can try your hand at bike stunts like jumps and moguls.

Evening – Elizabeth Hall Wetlands

End your perfect day in Lethbridge by watching the sun go down at Elizabeth Hall Wetlands. The preservation area is a popular spot to see birds, animals like beavers and muskrats, and even western painted turtles. The wetlands also contain a nature interpretation park, so you can spend the evening wandering the area visiting observation points and reading about the history of the park.

If you go:

Check into Tourism Lethbridge to start planning your trip activities.

Travel Alberta also has lots of great information about things to do and places to see in Lethbridge.

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