12 winter adventures to transform your season


Instead of taking holidays to get away from winter, ZenSeekers wants to inspire you to get into winter in a bigger way! 

From cozy ski lodges to bannock and tea around the fire, Alberta and BC offer a host of winter activities that bring warmth to the season. These winter adventures are about connection: to nature, to community and to the people you love. 

So which of these adventures are you choosing to transform your season?

#12. Grande Prairie, Alberta winter wonder escape

Wapiti Nordic SKi Club
Photo: Jeremy Derksen
Cross-country skiing on the nordic trails at Wapiti Ski Club in Grande Prairie.

Beyond the well-trodden winter hotspots lies a hidden winter gem: Grande Prairie, a winter playground where every step leads to pristine views and invigorating experiences. 

This two-time host to the Alberta Winter Games boasts an extensive cross-country skiing network, snowshoeing trails, exhilarating tubing and friendly local apres. 

#11. Vancouver Island’s Winter Triad at Raven Lodge

Mount Washington Raven Lodge Vancouver Island Fatbike Stevie Gaultier SnowSeekers (9) (1) (1).jpg
Photo: Stevie Gaultier
Snowshoeing at Raven Lodge, Vancouver Island opens the door to ancient, snow-capped forests of hemlock and cedar.

Raven Lodge on Mount Washington hosts a trio of winter activities: fat biking, snowshoeing, and nordic skiing. Start your day by pedaling the trails, then switch to snowshoes for a hike amid the silent giants of the forest, and finally, feel the calm of nordic trails. You’ll get the blood flowing and your mind engaged in this inspiring winter forest. 

#10. Snowshoe on the Summits of Lake Louise

LakeLouise Alberta #NewSkiAB Snowshoeing Hiking KarlLee
Photo: Karl Lee
Guided snowshoeing by gondola puts you on the summit at Lake Louise Ski Area.

Lake Louise's emerald waters may be famous, but the summits offer a winter paradise that is just as exotic. Snowshoeing here isn’t just a walk in the park; it's an odyssey through some of the most stunning landscapes the Rockies have to offer, an opportunity to unplug, destress, and reconnect with the raw beauty of the Rockies. 

#9. Winter Wellness in Wells

Wells BC Snowshoe6 Snowseekers
Photo: Bonnie Grenon
Wells is full of history, culture and snowy trails to rewarding mountain views.

Wells serves up a unique blend of wellness activities infused with local history and culture. Snowshoe into the wilds of Wells, and imagine yourself back in the early days of these lands, pre-European contact. Then step into the remnants of the gold rush at nearby historic Barkerville.

Plus you can enjoy an extensive scotch collection over apres (without having to kiss that silly toe like up in the Yukon).

#8. Vermilion: A Winter Reset Filled with Good Vibes

Vermilion Alberta winter wellness
Photo: Jeremy Derksen
Good vibes come naturally at Lighten Up Therapy in Vermilion.

In the heart of Canada's prairies, Vermilion's winter scene beckons with a mix of adrenaline and comfort. This is your wellness escape, complete with refreshing nature on cross-country ski trails, and a curated downtown art and shopping experience capped with tasty cocktails.

#7. Northern Zen and comfort in Greenview 

Grande Cache Sulphur Gates Alberta
Photo: Paul Lavoie
A view of Sulphur Gates, in the MD of Greenview, at the eastern front ranges of the Rockies.

From rolling foothills to the eastern front ranges of the Rockies, venture to the MD of Greenview for a cross-country skiing experience that will have you reveling in the spacious winter landscape. You may even get it all to yourself! 

Be sure to grab some creative local libations and homemade treats along the way to keep you fuelled up. 

#6. Métis Adventures in the Lac La Biche Region

Lac La Biche Alberta Hideaway Adventures Metis jigging
Photo: Paul Lavoie
Métis culture has rich winter traditions that will warm you to the core.

Traditional storytelling, jigging, and guide-led expeditions furnish a winter adventure infused with the spirit of the north, at Hideaway Adventure Grounds. 


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Learn Indigenous techniques for winter survival, savour bannock by the fire and learn a jig as you connect to Métis culture in Lac La Biche.

#5. Quesnel: winter fun and games in the Cariboo

ice fishing quesnel BC
Photo: Bonnie Grenon
You don't have to "go fish" for winter fun in Quesnel, the host city for the BC Winter Games is full of it.

Quesnel is a heartland of outdoor fun, and host to the 2024 BC Lhtako Dene Quesnel Winter Games. Cross-country skiing, ice fishing and snowshoeing are just a few of the winter activities ready to enchant the adventurous soul. 

Pro tip: this would blend well with a visit to Wells, just down the road, for an extended winter adventure. 

#4. Smithers: a winter romance in the wilderness

horse-drawn sleigh ride Smithers BC
Photo: Marty Clemens
Smithers serves up winter romance in spades.

Smithers, the picture-perfect alpine town, weaves romance into its winter tapestry. Skating on mountain lakes, and horse-drawn sleigh rides are just a taste of what's on the menu for the incurable romantic. This adventure beckons the lovers of winter for a rendezvous with nature and each other. 

#3. Bonnyville's B&B, ski and cider scene rocks

Really, B&B, cross-country skiing and cider should say it all. But did we mention the northern lights? This little slice of northern Alberta beauty has all the winter allure, for an invigorating and rewarding adventure.

#2. Four local tips for Hinton winter adventure

Perched on the gateway to Jasper National Park, Hinton is a mountain destination in its own right, like a Canmore north. Find out how to really explore the area, with these local tips to winter adventure in Hinton.

#1. FIve other Jasper winter activities beyond the ski hill

True story: even for diehard skiers like me, getting off the ski hill and checking out some of Jasper's other winter activities is a blast. 

With these 12 winter adventures, you're guaranteed to find one that will transform your winter. Western Canada is rich in experiences like these and once you get started the pursuit of winter adventure is irresistible. Bookmark this page, and try them all!

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