Get away to Vermilion for winter reset filled with good vibes


Among those who know, Vermilion is a town famous for its good vibes. Locals here are just attuned to a different frequency. It’s there on the cross-country skiing trails; the laidback, pre-gentrification, prairie main street; the cafes and shops. 

With welcoming neighbours who will lend a friend a bushel of raspberries to the local distillery (true story) or offer a fresh coat of ski wax and a tune to an errant traveler who’s fallen behind on his ski maintenance (also true story, from yours truly), community is at its root. 

Five steps for good vibes in Vermilion

Here's how to luxuriate on a winter weekend filled with nature and relaxation in Vermilion.

1. Dial in your wellness frequency
Make a visit to Lighten UP Wellness in Vermilion for a soothing start to a visit—there's the traditional massage therapy, or you can try light therapy or other forms of treatment to get your inner vibrations resonating at your ideal frequency.

Vermilion Alberta winter wellness
Photo: Jeremy Derksen
Lighten Up Therapy applies both traditional and innovative techniques to help you achieve wellness.

2. Soak in the nordic charm of Vermilion Provincial Park 
Famed for its serene atmosphere and well-maintained paths, the park is home to the local cross-country club (which famously gave Olympian Beckie Scott her start). Traverse the mixed aspen and pine forests on the ski club's groomed trails, using the rhythm of cross-country skiing to trigger a surge of vitality within you. (You can also fatbike or hike on some trails, but be sure to check which ones, so you don't wreck groomed ski tracks.)

Five minutes from downtown, Vermilion Provincial Park is a nordic oasis on the prairies.

3. Pay an apres visit to Red Brick Cafe 
After an invigorating spell on the trails, reward yourself with their comforting dishes, like the succulent pork bao or the heavenly chocolate crepe topped with whipped cream. 

Post cross-country ski, head to Red Brick for a reward.


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4. Explore the art galleries, antique shops and fashion hubs on Main Street 
One of the coolest main streets on the prairies bar none, this is where you’ll find an northeast Alberta focused art gallery, an underground curio, slow fashion purveyors and funky wellness shops like Lighten UP.

Upper Level Pottery and Art Gallery, on Main Street.

5. Dive into the world of artisan drinks at Copper Cork Distillery
Participate in a distillery tour and sample their intricate offerings of vodka, gin, and moonshine, including their Rhuby gin infused with sweet rhubarb.

Copper Cork Distillery refines local flavours in its cocktails.

Enjoy your winter weekend by basking in the beauty of nature and tranquility in this friendly prairie town. You’ll soon be on the same frequency as the rest of the locals tuned to the Vermilion vibe.

When you go

getting there
Vermilion is just under a 2-hour drive from Edmonton, east on AB-16

Vermilion events
Vermilion is a town with a friendly local scene. Before you go, check out the town's busy calendar of events for every season. Coming up in March, it's the Race of Vermilion

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