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Lake Louise, AB — Strapping on snowshoes and stepping out onto the powdery expanse of Lake Louise Ski Resort, Gurusewak Kaur was instantly captivated. 

“It’s so beautiful here. It’s a feeling you get when you’re actually in the mountains, you see the beauty in nature,” said Kaur, a newcomer to Alberta who immigrated here a few years back. “Being in the city we used to hate winter – but with this experience, there is nothing to hate about winter!” 

Taking a gondola right to the top of the mountain for a guided snowshoe tour at the top of the ski resort removed the obstacles to winter fun for Kaur and his son.  

“I’ve seen that in movies and documentaries, but I’ve never experienced it before. It was a different feeling on the top of the mountain walking in the forest and walking on the soft snow. I loved to go out in nature.”

A guided snowshoe tour at Lake Louise offers easy access to the summits via gondola.

Kaur loved snowshoeing because he likes the idea that you can do it anywhere. It’s an activity that proves one doesn't need years of experience to relish in the delights of winter sports. With no steep learning curve, this beginner-friendly experience lets you immerse in the majesty of frosted forests and stunning mountain vistas.

With rentals and a guide from the resort, Kaur and his son Jaskirat took to the mountains. Lake Louise transforms into a living postcard in winter, beckoning adventurous spirits to engage with the elements. For those new to the snowy season, this is where bonds with winter—and with friends old and new—are forged.

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Photo: Karl Lee
Snowshoeing atop the Canadian Rockies inspired a new love for winter in Gurusewak and Jaskirat Kaur.

While he was out in the mountains for the day, Kaur said he was texting friends and family in Ontario who were impressed with his photos. 

“People started texting saying ‘Where are you?! It’s so beautiful.’ They were saying, “Whoa, I want to go there.” 

With some friends to join you, experiences like these can transform even the coldest days into warm memories, in a setting such as this. 


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The experience on snowshoes was enough to encourage him to take the next, bold step: a beginner ski lesson at Lake Louise, along with Jaskirat.

From snowshoes to skis

The beginner area at Lake Louise features a wide, gentle slope for beginners accessed by easy carpet lifts.

Lake Louise's Sunny Side run gives beginners ample space to learn, via easy magic carpet lifts.

Beginner ski packages cater to those who have never experienced the rush of gliding on snow, ensuring that even the most novice participants feel like pros under the careful tutelage of experienced instructors. 

Apres & views from Lake Louise lodge 

Post-lesson, skiers and snowshoers alike are often found perched beside the frozen lake, eyes skyward, contemplating the ragged lines of mountains that frame the horizon—an endless canvas of nature's finest art.

The stories shared over hot chocolate, detailing tumbles and triumphant glides, are often as beloved as the activities themselves. 

Here, the journey of learning is celebrated as much as, if not more than, the skill acquired.

There's nothing like apres after a winter day on the slopes.

Experiencing winter at Lake Louise is a rite of passage into the heart of Canadian winter. Whether in snowshoes or ski boots, Lake Louise invites all to leave footprints in the snow and take memories home. For the Kaurs, it was just the invitation they needed to find their love of winter.

When you go

Getting there  Lake Louise is a two-hour drive from Calgary, in the Canadian Rockies just west of Banff. Take the return shuttle bus from Calgary and save yourself the drive. Reservations required. 

Snowshoeing  want to go for a beautiful snowshoe in the mountains from Lake Louise? Book your guided snowshoe tour at the top of Lake Louise Ski Resort.

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