Decoding winter 2024 long range weather predictions


Most people associate winter in Western Canada with a long season of sub-zero temperatures and deep snow. Cue frosted conifers, snow drifts and white-capped mountains, perfect for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and generally, soaking in winter’s beauty. 

So those snow-lovers among us could be forgiven for lamenting “no snow November,” a phenomenon that hadn’t occurred in some parts of Western Canada in almost 100 years. Of course, talk of El Nino has been on the rise for months but it was still a shock.

Inversions like this one are one of winter's special sights, due to shifting pressure in the atmosphere.

Weather is a fascination for many of us, of course, and who doesn't love warm days outside? But we’re ready for the seasonal activities we like to enjoy. 

So to help prepare for the coming winter months, we reached out to the Weather Network’s Tyler Hamilton for more insight on what's happening for winter 2024. 

It was a love for winter weather that actually inspired Tyler Hamilton to become a meteorologist with The Weather Network. Growing up on Vancouver Island, those Pacific storms captivated his imagination. 

Here’s what he had to tell us about the latest trends, from snow in Western Canada to El Nino, to the potential effects of the pineapple express and more.

WATCH: winter weather 2023-24 long range predictions 

The Weather Network's Tyler Hamilton, in conversation with Jeremy Derksen.

Watch 2024 Winter Forecast Western Canada on YouTube.

Take a deeper dive into weather patterns that influence winter weather in Western Canada, with the full video interview with Tyler Hamilton, here.

Key takeaways for the 2023-24 winter season 

  1. A return to closer to average snowfall and temperatures should come in the latter half of December and into the new year; but expect a warmer, drier year overall. 
  2. We haven’t seen an El Nino year in a while, and while it doesn’t always mean dry (there were some good snow days during the last El Nino cycle in 2015-16), we should expect warmer, drier conditions to continue for the time being. 

You can find more of The Weather Network's predictions for winter 2024 here.

As the saying goes, you can’t control the weather. But we can make the best of it. If the forecast holds, our best strategy will be to take advantage of the warmer temperatures to get out for balmy ski days and time outside with friends. 

And of course, tune in to our friends at The Weather Network to watch for those storms as they arise.


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