Find light in the darkness of winter, with these ZEN ambassadors


Winter and the holiday season is an intense time for many, but it can also be a season of reconnection, peace and Zen. It’s not a new sentiment but I believe Florence and the Machine sang it best, in this song that provides a soundtrack to this story. 

LISTEN: "Shake it out" Florence and the Machine


As we arise from the darkest days of winter and embark on a new year, here are some of the #SeekersAmbassadors who are shining a light into 2024.

Light in the dark of winter

We begin in the dark, with a reflection on the meaning of darkness, the winter solstice and how Indigenous tradition embraces this as a season to restore inner quiet.

Métis writer and photographer Gavin Bryan John wrote this excellent reflection on the Indigenous perspective of the winter solstice featured on the Indigenous Tourism Alberta website, a welcoming source of knowledge and travel ideas connecting to Indigenous cultures in Alberta.  

Winter cabin recharge

Finding a refuge where you can engage in reflection is one step towards finding the light. The winter season is a free pass to nestle into cabin comforts and arise rested and refreshed. Ember Harper-Fedirko of @cariboo.mountain.adventures always finds the light and shares it. 

Harper-Fedirko's home region of northern BC has tons of cozy cabin getaways and winter adventures awaiting. Just check out the #SkiNorthBC expedition on our companion site,

Winter hiking in the Canadian Rockies

Few things are as restorative as a good winter hike, and Casey Gifford ain't waiting for no one. Give yourself licence to get out on your own when you need it. Winter days are short, so you have to make the best of the daylight.

Winter hiking, part 2

See if this summit view doesn't give you a deep sense of peace... take inspiration from Holly Herman who combines hiking and smartphone videography to create digital time capsules of experiences in the mountains.

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