Slow down your pace during the Sunshine Art Crawl


Imagine coming away from an oceanside mini-holiday feeling refreshed and relaxed, but also leaving with a beautiful piece of artwork that you made with your very own hands.

The Sunshine Coast Art Crawl, held from Oct. 20 to 22, makes this possible with the help of one of the dozens of talented artists who call this beautiful slice of British Columbia home.

Once you’ve reached the Sunshine Coast, amble along on a self-guided driving or cycling tour at your own pace from Langdale to Earls Cove or vice versa. Just follow the purple banners and you’ll meet some of the more than 140 artists who open their doors to the public for this popular annual event. You’ll see the works of fibre artists, jewellery makers, blacksmiths, potters and people who create magical things out of glass.

Sunshine Coast Art Crawl
Photo: Rebecca Bollwitt

Chris Motloch’s Molten Spirit Glass Studio in Roberts Creek, is just one of the cool galleries along the way. His studio, surrounded by old growth trees, which are also a canvas for some of his works, invites guests to take an interactive glass blowing workshop. Motloch is well known for his playful pieces, which include everything from glass jelly fish and paper weights to vases, hummingbird feeders and pumpkins. Yes, pumpkins. Fitting given the festival is just before Halloween, and you can learn make one in your own style under the guidance of Motloch.

He’ll walk you through the steps to create your own one-of-kind piece, from rolling the hot molten glass in a flame to rolling it the pretty shimmering colours of your choosing.

Glass art is gorgeous, but there’s also something about the magical sound of chimes in a seaside setting. You can check some whimsical ones at Coast Chimes in Gibsons. Artist Tim Kline goes beachcombing to collect driftwood, sea glass and beach stones to make his chimes and he’s always happy to meet the people who come into his studio. Any materials he has left over, he uses to makes more chimes to sell online, something to consider for Christmas gifts.

But let’s not think about winter yet, fall is a gorgeous time for a Sunshine Coast escape and a chance to hear the stories and see the talented people who are part of this lively and flourishing arts scene.

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