Dinosaur Trail Discoveries in Tumbler Ridge


Tumbler Ridge, BC — Walk in the footsteps of giants... joining an evening lantern tour to illuminate both your understanding of history of the planet, when real dinosaurs ruled. 

This summer you can sign up to join Tumbler Ridge dinosaur guide Shelby Nickerson and others for two-hour excursion adventures through the footprints and fossil deposits of the Wolverine River and Flatbed Creek area. 

Set in Northwestern BC, along the dinosaur trail, get close and personal to paleontology history like few ever had. 

"There are many prints here—between 97 and 99 million years old," says Nickerson brushing away sediment from a skin formation impression between footprints.

WATCH: Make tracks in Tumbler Ridge and step into a lost world

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The lantern tour quite literally shines a different look at established area dino tracks and fossils, with the light and shadows making the impressions truly "pop" to the naked eye. 

"We are simply passing through history," says Nickerson. "This IS history.'

Book your Dinosaur Trackways Tour today, walk into history in Tumbler Ridge

The story of Tumbler Ridge’s first dinosaur discovery is perhaps as well-known as Spielberg’s Jurassic Park film from 30 year ago—and part of the history of the area as much as the giants who roamed the land before us. 

A pair of Tumbler youngsters, Mark Turner and Daniel Helm, spotted a dinosaur trackway just below Tumbler Ridge on the banks of Flatbed Creek in 2000.

Tumbler Ridge BC Flatbed Dusting The Footprint
Photo: Ember Fedirko
Make Tracks to Tumbler Ridge and get close with a Jurassic past.

This anklyosaur trackway find has since ignited three decades of discovery in the area. 

"An important artifact; it belongs in a museum." Speaking of discovery, the last 23 years of work is front and centre in the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery home in Tumbler Ridge.

Uncover what makes Tumbler Ridge home to one of North America’s more unique landscapes

Opened in 2007, it is the only facility of its kind in British Columbia. Co-ordinated by the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation, the organization collects, researches, organizes and displays more than 300 million years of history of the Peace region. 

"It is an extensive collection. Some of it is on loan to the Royal Tyrell (Museum) in Alberta, some work is down in the BC Museum in Victoria, while some of their displays are here in Tumbler Ridge with us," says Zena Conlin, executive director with the Tumbler Ridge Museum and Dino Discovery Gallery.

Photo: Ember Fedirko
Explore the history of the natural world from the Triassic Period through to the Ice Age at the Tumbler Ridge Museum

Book a Dinosaur Day 

To make discoveries into a Lost World, I recommend a two-hour lantern tour. Find the illumination, information and adventure you seek while stepping in the path of 100-million-year-old giants.  

If you are travelling with kids, their dinosaur day camp is designed for children ages 8 - 13. Tumbler Ridge is also home to the UNESCO Global Geopark – a scientific destination for everyone into the outdoors. 

“Most UNESCO sites have either beautiful mountains, or majestic waterfalls, wildlife, great vegetation, or an intrinsic tie to the past with fossils, and more. Tumbler Ridge has all of them,” adds Nickerson.

The Geopark boasts more than 50 hiking trails and more ATV, snowmobile and mountain bike trails. Caves, waterfalls, dinosaurs, and mountain tops. If adventure and discovery has a name—it’s Tumbler Ridge.

When you Go

Note, the museum's Dinosaur Trackway Tours are seasonal, and run from July 4th until August 19th.

Trackway Tours
Call 250-242-DINO (3466) or email [email protected] to book, or check www.trmf.ca for more information. 

Museum hours
The Tumbler Ridge Museum is open

  • 9am to 5pm, Thursday to Monday (closed Tuesdays and Wednesday) 


  • Adults: $8
  • Seniors (60+ years): $6
  • Youth & Students (aged 10-17): $5
  • Children (aged 5-9): $3
  • Children Under 5 years old: FREE

*Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult

You can follow the Tumbler Ridge Museum on Facebook or Instagram @trdinosaurs.

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Azouzetta Lake Lodge, along the #dinotrial, home to donuts made daily

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