I love FOMO: an adventure seeker's confession

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This is for all the adventure dreamers out there who, like me, scroll Instagram for ideas. For those who hear about a cool destination and run to Google to check it out. For those who bought one of those maps where you can scratch off all the places, you’ve been. 

Call it a bucket list. Or the start of a plan. Whatever you call it, you’re inspired to live life to the fullest.

But did you go? Did you do it? Or did you miss out?

The secret to using FOMO to fuel adventure  

The historic Abbot Pass Hut is being dismantled due to structural damage from climate change. It’s a refuge in a high mountain pass of the continental divide between Alberta and BC. At 2,925 metres above sea level, it’s just 30 metres shy of being the highest building in Canada.

When the news broke, I heard the collective hiking community say “oh no, I always wanted to go there.”

Well, I did go. It was the best outdoor experience of my life that has yet to be topped.

Brag much? Definitely. This was my first overnight hiking trip and I’m proud of myself for making it happen.

But the news of the end of the Abbot Pass Hut had me wondering, why did adventures like this trip become a reality, when others on my list are still just dreams? 

Enter FOMO (fear of missing out).


I recognize fear as a motivator can be a dangerous road but maybe there’s a healthy way to use it? 

Hear me out.

FOMO fuels bucket list pursuits

Why did I finally go see the Drumheller Hoodoos in Alberta? I moved far away and thought I might never get the chance again. 

Why haven’t I signed up for Slush Cup at the ski hill yet? I keep thinking there’s always next year.

Why did I take on Vancouver Island’s Cape Scott Trail? It was my last summer to try it (at least for a while).

Why haven’t I done the shipyard-titanic hike at Tumbler Ridge? Even though my Family shows me amazing pictures of their hike, I keep thinking I’ll get another chance.

My entire list breaks down the same way.

“I’ve got time,” as the excuse for the adventures that stay on the dream list, while all the adventures that have become reality can be traced back to a dash of FOMO.

So no, I’m not afraid of a little FOMO. In fact, I embrace it knowing I can turn fear into a transformative travel experience.


I hope this glimpse into my personal research gives you a nudge to turn your own FOMO into something positive.

Don’t let another Abbot Pass Hut on your list come and go. 

If you’re looking for a drop of FOMO to pull the trigger on your dream list, how about another over-used acronym? YOLO! (You only live once) 

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