Where to catch last of larch season in Alberta


Every fall larches blow up our social feeds and generate instant FOMO among those of us who haven’t yet made it out for a fall hike, particularly in the eastern Alberta Rockies, which are especially plentiful with larch. 

But as #SeekersAmbassador Stevie Gaultier likes to point out, FOMO can be a useful motivator to push us in the direction of our dreams, helping us tick off those bucket list experiences. 

So if hiking among the larches is on your bucket list (and let’s be honest, how could it not be?), here’s some serious FOMO fodder. 

But more importantly, some tips from our #SeekersAmbassador crew on where to get after it.

Larch hikes to check out now 

Here are a few places to see larches on some colourful fall hikes.

Mt. Little Arethusa, Kananaskis AB

There are many more as well, but part of the joy is in the discovery—watch our #SeekersAmbassador hashtag for more posts like these. 

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