5 summer activities in BC to reach maximum relaxation during a pandemic

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Amber McLinden, ZenSeekers

Is the need for relaxation calling your name? Shake the stress away, take a mental break, and refocus your mind, with these activities that will help you relax this summer in British Columbia. 

Get a little lost in BC 

Photographer: Nancy Shields

Sometimes the best way to find your Zen is by exploring outdoors. Luckily, BC has a ton of spots to explore. Get a little lost In the beauty along the way and stumble on some amazing scenery, like this photo from Vancouver Island's Alberni Inlet, only 1 hour west of Nanaimo. 

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Harness the relaxing powers of meditation

Photographer: Doc Pow

Meditation is certainly not a new practice. As ZenSeekers' own Doc Pow mentions in a recent story, #IndigenousCoastBC inhabitants have called their home sacred gardens over their entire story and live with an appreciation of the earth that is essential to their life balance. As a daily practice that is exclusively for you, meditation can also build a whole new perspective.

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Enjoy far-away nature from the comfort of your couch

Photographer: Jeremy Derksen

While we try and experience nature close to home, you can also experience it further away with plenty of virtual content coming out of your favourite travel and tourism organizations, featuring 360 videos and clips of the great outdoors. Plus, we hear Netflix has some pretty cool nature content (watch Our Planet, narrated by David Attenborough). 

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Learn about Indigenous experiences

Photographer: Abby Cooper

Experiencing and learning about local culture can definitely help you feel more grounded and connected to the place you live. Travelling far and wide might be on your future agenda, but for now, learn more about local cultures, including Indigenous people and land in your area. 

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Take advantage of the hikes in beautiful BC

Photographer: Doc Pow

Exercise can definitely help you relax, especially when the view along the way is breathtaking. Hiking in BC is an awe-inspiring experience, and the scenery alone will surely bring you some serenity. Take, for example, the gorgeous hiking in Bamfield, which is a day trip from Port Alberni on Vancouver Island.

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