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Joanne Elves

Joanne Elves

Homebase: Calgary

As assistant editor at Seekers and a freelance travel writer, Elves roams the world looking for the odd, the unusual, the inspiring and the great travel stories but admits when there is sun or snow - that's the best story of all. Recent writing credits include; The Globe and Mail Drive, The Calgary Herald travel section; Canadian Running, Canadian Cycling, and WestJet Magazines. Her "other job" is director of operations for a wind energy company. Her favourite stories can be found on her website Joanne Elves - on the go

Stories by Joanne Elves


Blame it on the ice age – Alberta’s landscape got squished


Alberta's regions are a result of four ice age events over millions of years leaving the area as we...

Blue mask pandemic garbage Stevie Froese

Stop the trail of trash


Let's talk trash about garbage. We can't all be garbologists practising zero-waste but we found a...

A view of Abbott Pass hike on the Alberta British Columbia boarder known as the Continental Divide

Hiking Hacks: 3 absolute essentials for happy trails


Some sun, a gentle breeze, a well-packed trail lunch... what could be the perfect day can easily go...

Jeff and Bonnie Wearmouth biking at Grasslands National Park, Saskatachewan.

Dad jokes and tacky ties – Father’s Day rites


Father's Day is coming up and Zenseekers's Joanne Elves has got you covered: learn about the origins...

Bear safety: know how and when to use bear spray


If you hike anywhere in Western Canada you should be educated on bear safety and what to do if you...

Black bear and cub in B.C.

The meanest moms in the west mean well


When you sense danger do you stand and fight or flee? As it turns out, mothers across almost every...

Mother's Day forest walk

Carpe diem on Mother’s Day


Oh no. I just looked up Mother’s Day on Wikipedia. Did you know the modern celebration of Mother’s...

Ginger and Ice

A novel approach to waiting out the pandemic


Some people have shifted their office to the dining room table, and for others, the pandemic has...

Grande Cache Alberta nordic skiers at Smoky Lake Nordic Club Paul Lavoie ZenSeekers

Get back on skinnies at these Alberta cross-country ski destinations


Wondering where to cross-country ski in Alberta, looking to learn or just casting about for some new...

How to identify trees conifers western Canada

Tell the difference between pine, spruce and fir


Is it a fir? Spruce? Pine? I don’t know about you, but calling all trees with spikey green needles a...