Meet Tla'amin's great Serpent Ihos at Kayeqwan (Savary Island)


Learn about Tla'amin culture, sustainability and reconciliation on an island that was once a double...

Tla'amin Creation Story Comes to Life on the Land


Deep inland, just outside of Powell River, BC, rises the iconic peak of Beartooth Mountain. This...

Paddleboarding Tla'amin Nation Sunshine Coast BC Kyler Vos

Immerse in the coastal beauty of Tla'amin


From the water, a vibrant landscape of rich forests and mighty mountains comes to life along the...

Lund hotel

The Tla’amin Nation Experience


A Two-night package gives guests the opportunity to go back in time and learn how people not only...


Welcome to Klah-Ah-Men, a place of refuge


The waves of the Salish Sea crash rhythmically along the shore of the Sunshine Coast and the seaside...