Five ways to cozy up to fall in BC


Ready to get cozy? Picture taking a sauna by the ocean, soaking in hot springs and indulging in more...

Learn Ktunaxa place names for Cranbrook, Fernie, Kimberley and the Kootenays


Many of us know Cranbrook, Kimberley and Fernie, names European settlers gave to these areas. But do...

Recharge in the waters of Ktunaxa


Learn more about Ktunaxa Creation, and how the Big Chase resulted in other spectacular local...

Hike, ski, and connect to the Ktunaxa Rockies


The Rocky Mountains are not actually about where you are, but who you’re on… the body of Naⱡmuqȼin...

Wells BC snowshoeing Bonnie Grenon SnowSeekers

Try Forest Breathing for a winter wellness recharge


Western Canada’s forests are a perfect place to recharge and restore yourself. If you need a little...

Sunset Tour at Kiixin with Huu-ay-aht traditional song and dancing.

Celebrating Indigenous Voices in Western Canada


Education and understanding drive change, but it takes people with vision and dedication to help...

Ktunaxa St Eugene

Linking stories—past, present and future—at St. Eugene


“How did we get from that,” I wonder, “to what we see now?”

The question ran through my head even...


Experience Canadian history first hand


Cranbrook, B.C. – Rising to the early morning glow from outside the teepee walls, we breathed the...

Speaking Earth: First Nations program


The rushing waters of the St. Mary River pass a circle of Ktunaxa tipis erected proudly on its banks...