Shoot for the stars, find Zen at Tsawaak


Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation homelands — Is there anything more soothing than listening to the ocean while staring into the night sky on a clear, crisp night? If you’re looking for Zen, there’s no better place to be, and you can find it just five minutes from downtown Tofino at Tsawaak RV Park and Campground on Tla-o-qui-aht Nation homelands. 

For thousands of years this beach site was known as Tin Wis, or “calm beach.” (Presently it’s known as MacKenzie Beach, but perhaps not for much longer.) 

Today, just steps from the shore, you can stay in a cabin or RV and reconnect to the deep human heritage here, as you gaze up at the cosmos above. 

Watch: "Shoot for the Stars" with the full Tsawaak Resort experience

Watch Shoot for the stars, find Zen at Tsawaak on YouTube.

“We built 13 cabins for rent here at Tsawaak because there are 13 moon phases over 365 days,” explains Tsawaak’s lead builder and Tla-o-qui-aht citizen Alex Masso. “Before today’s colonial times with their 12 months, we lived by a 13-month calendar, so it was in step with celestial events.” 

Mind, body and soul connection is first nature here on Vancouver’s west coast around Tofino and when you add in the celestial connections you can make here, your next stop might be the moon. And there's no need to rush: you can stay for a lunar cycle or two, the RV sites and cabins are open year-round for extended stays.  

Reset your natural rhythms with an extended stay at Tsawaak RV Park and Campground

These dreamy, Narnian destinations are storied lands and those of Tla-o-qui-aht, Ahousaht, Ucluelet, Huu-ay-aht and 10 other First Nations that make up the Nuu-chah-nulth collection of Nations across Vancouver Islands’ west coast. 

A Tsawaak Resort stay allows any guest to learn about things from “back in the day” by gaining a Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation’s perspective.

Deb and Len Knoll soak up sunset, on the beach at Tin Wis, steps from their RV site.

“For me it’s about the fine sand, the smell of the ocean and just how crisp the stars have been during our stay,” explains recent Tsawaak RV guest Deb Knoll in describing her and her husband Len's recent three nights stay. 

“For me it’s so great how much you can hear the waves throughout the campground,” says ZenSeekers cameraman Mike Dandurand (who helped ZenSeekers produce the video embedded above). 

Those ocean waves can be heard loud and clear because where he was standing in the campground as he spoke was less than three school buses lengths away from the beach.

Kick back at your cabin or RV site, with a view of the stars and the sounds of the ocean.

Back from the beach and with that sound of waves swimming through your ears, you get back to your cabin or RV and just have to look up. 

Top tip here is to score either of these top astronomy apps which will help you unlock the best of celestial events. 

The folks at quote the SkySafari 7 Pro App for all smartphone owners (or search it on iTunes) while if you own an iPhone they suggest you go with NightSky 11.

Our friends at Tsawaak just recently posted this list of upcoming night skyscapes of interest.  

We’d recommend your next course of action be to set your compass to Tofino through this fall and winter to score your soul some stargazing Zen time.

When you go 

To make it a transformative Zencation at Tsawaak, they offer extended stay deals and other offers through fall and winter. Long term, say a 30-day stay or even longer can be negotiated and they want you to know they are available. 

The team at Tsawaak welcome any Zen seeker to use these codes to save when you book your stay for the fall/winter season. 

Winter booking code: Winter20
Winter Discount 20% OFF! Book a minimum of 2 nights and receive 20% off your entire stay! Book as usual and apply the promo code at checkout. 
Valid for stays from December 1, 2023, through March 1, 2024

Use the codes above and book today 

Experience storm season and feel fully connected to some of the world’s most sustained environments. 

We at ZenSeekers can guarantee you’ll come back transformed if you were to check in here for more than a few nights. 

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