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Spend your day looking for treasures on the beach and relaxing in luxury


SOOKE - “It feels like candy in my pocket,” Deanna Brett said with childlike enthusiasm as she tucked away another piece of turquoise sea glass from the tumbling surf at our feet.

I was a guest at the Prestige Oceanfront Resort Sooke and to give me a truly local experience, they set me up with Deanna, who owns and operates LoveSooke. Her tour company takes guests to her favourite hidden beaches where they can beachcomb for treasures and scan for whales in the waters of the Juan de Fuca Strait. “You can scour the beach then turn around and find something new,” she said as she picked up a green marble that appeared in the loose sand in one of my footprints.

If you follow her on Instagram ( you’ll see all kinds of gems, literally and figuratively, that she’s found along the shores of Sooke. Having spent most of her life in the area, with experience doing whale-watching tours, she is the perfect host if you’re looking to really get to know the region.

Relax in Sooke while taking in the wild west coast. Plan your trip today...

We parked along a winding road and walked over to a covert trailhead. Descending moss-covered rocks we came to a clearing where glistening blue waves crashed on the rocks. Deanna raised her hand to her forehead to shield her eyes from the sunshine and said: “Welcome to the top of my world!”  

What a world it is. Twisted arbutus trees and evergreens cling to rocky cliffs, that bend down to outcroppings carpeted with fragrant wildflowers. I could have spent all day, with the ocean spray streaming through my hair, unsure of where to focus my gaze: On the sand where Deanna was finding marbles, antique glass, and sea urchin shells, or out at the water where orcas are known to breach and frolic in the channel. I can see how this would be anyone’s (very) happy place.

Watch How to find sea glass in Sooke! on YouTube.

Prestige Pacific Penthouse

Three private decks, a hot tub, putting green, outdoor kitchen, two bedrooms, office, wine fridge… I’m pretty sure the Prestige Oceanfront Resort in Sooke took everything from my “dream house bucket list” and put it all into their spectacular 1,920-square-foot Pacific Penthouse suite. I was fortunate enough to be the first guest in this stunning home away from home, in the lap of luxury.  

Watch Walkthrough of the Prestige Oceanfront Resort Sooke on YouTube.

Plush furnishings, textured decor, and fluffy blankets around every corner that are perfect for draping around your shoulders as you sip your morning coffee (with beans from a local roaster) curled up a rocking chair on the deck as you peer out at the ocean.

I did just that during my stay, right before I called down to the West Coast Grill and ordered eggs benedict with Dungeness crab bruschetta and house-made Hollandaise sauce.

Just dipping into those perfectly poached eggs to see that glistening golden yolk would have left me a very happy camper for the rest of the day. But it was even better than that. Bolstered by the sweet crab, greens, and an ample helping of cubed and herb-seasoned pan fries made it an incredibly sumptuous benny experience - worthy of many photos and GIFs posted on social media to make all of my followers jealous.

After digging into breakfast at the large wooden dining room table, I turned around the the island in the kitchen to refill my coffee. I hopped up onto one of the high-top chairs and took a moment to admire the beautifully appointed room.

I looked over at the stainless steel fridge, about twice the size of mine at home, then the gas range, and imagined myself hosting a dinner party here, perhaps complemented by the culinary talents of a Top Chef Canada contestant. Guests milling about the island, wine glasses in hand, pouring out onto the patio where the full-size barbecue sent scintillating aromas across the property, like a signal that said: We’re in the Pacific Penthouse having a great time, wish you were here!

After breakfast, and daydreaming, I hooked up my laptop to the screen provided in the office room - an amazing amenity that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I didn’t need to go down to the business centre, and I didn’t have to just use my laptop screen as I began to process images from my LoveSooke tour. I had a full screen, easy connectors, a window that looked out to the water, and a beautiful, professional office space I’d love to use for all of my video conference calls. 

Mid-morning I took break on the putting green outside on one of the decks with the club and balls provided, that can be found in the laundry room - yes, the full-size personal laundry room with washer and dryer. It must have been the good mood, and food, but I sunk a hole-in-one on my first try.

Watch Golfing at your private putting green at Prestige Oceanfront Resort Sooke on YouTube.

Returning to work, I unplugged in the office and sat out on the tea terrace - just another one of the decks that makes up 1,650 square-foot of the Penthouse’s outdoor space. Honestly, I could have worked in one of the walk-in closets and had a ton of space, too!

Glowing in Sooke
Photo: Rebecca Bollwitt

In the bedrooms, eco-friendly dimmer switches reveal opulent chandeliers, dual head rain showers in the master bathroom provide a blissful start (or end) to any day, furnished private patios provide even more refuge, plush rugs tickle your toes, and there are pillows-for-days on the king size bed that make you want to do a swan-dive entrance to the bedroom every night.

Bed in Prestige Sooke
Photo: Rebecca Bollwitt

At the end of the day, and after a relaxing soak in my own private outdoor hot tub, I let the pillows and blankets of my king size bed swallow me whole. I put the HDTV on a timer and drifted off to sleep, where I dreamt dreams of being exactly where I was, and it was perfect.

The Le Sooke Spa Experience

Take your stay at this luxurious and tranquil seaside resort one step further by indulging in a spa experience at Le Sooke ( I grabbed my plush white robe from the master bedroom, slipped on some sandals, and took the elevator to the seaside patio-level spa that offers everything from facials to waxing, makeup to mud treatments, pedicures to full body treatments. All the products are locally-made and all-natural.

This West Coast girl went for the Westcoast Glow body treatment that takes all the natural, organic goodness of the Pacific Northwest and applies it to a decadent full body spa experience.

Enjoy a Swedish massage followed by an all-over body exfoliation with certified organic Sea Salt Scrub, made right in Sooke by Sea Flora using local seaweed. Sultry, soft, smooth and shimmering skin will leave your skin with a Westcoast Glow.

I melted into the massage table and was awoken by the soothing scrub - and the steam shower that followed. It was refreshing as a walk in a coastal rainforest on a sunny day, when a thousand shades of green illuminate with the kiss of the warm sun.

Blissed out from my treatment, I donned my robe, grabbed my room key, and met the friendly staff for a quick tour of the rest of the spa. They were so friendly and knowledgeable, not just about the spa and treatments, but about the Sooke area and the wonderful, natural products that are being made here.

A press of an elevator button, and I ascended to the Pacific Penthouse where I opened the wine fridge, poured a glass of BC Merlot, and made my toughest decision of the day: Drape myself across the couch and get lost in supple throw-pillows, or camp out on one of the (many) harbour view patios, where the breeze delivered kisses of sea air as I watched boats dance by? Why not both. In the Pacific Penthouse, you can have it all.

Book in for an adventure on Vancouver Island, the Prestige in Sooke will make the perfect basecamp:

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